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Frosty’s Yahoo Picks – NBA cash plays for 01/18/19

Hello everyone! I feel like I need to apologize for this past week, but with the government shutdown plus the LA teacher strike work has been EXTREMELY busy… anyways, it seems like everything should be smooth (unless the strikes go for a long time) and I am ready to continue making money on Yahoo!

Point Guard:

Top: I am usually a subscriber to the “do you really want to play Warriors with all those mouths to feed?” but today I am throwing that out of the window and locking in Steph Curry for $44. Chef Curry has recently caught fire and he gets a beautiful match up against the Clippers. If you want a game that could explode to stack, use this one.

Middle: For a $13 discount we have D’Angelo Russell against the Magic. D-Lo is such a problematic NBA player. You could watch a game and you think you are watching a top 10 player in the league. Then you tune into the game next week and he is getting yanked two minutes into the game for missing a defensive assignment. Luckily in DFS we only worry about the Daily aspect of NBA and he has as much upside as anyone could have for this price range. If you want to get contrarian, I think Mike Conley will be under 5% owned.

Value: I may be cheating with his price a little bit, but Justise Winslow is having a MONSTER season. If it wasn’t for Siakam, he will be a clear runaway for most improved. If you want true cheap options I absolutely love DJ Augustin. Others to consider will be the Clippers PG Beverly or SGA.

Shooting Guard:

Top: Both Donovan Mitchell $38 and Jrue Holiday $35 are in terrific matchups and they are totally underpriced. While we probably won’t get a 2x game from them, a 1.5x is very realistic.

Middle: Sweet Lou $23 will have to be a scoring machine tonight if the Clippers want to keep up with the Warriors team that is heating up. For a $1 less I also love CJ McCollum especially because he comes from a skid of three really bad games.

Value: If you want a lock for 20 points with upside, Bryn Forbes for $12 is an absolute steal. He has been playing low to mid 30s and he stays at the same price for some reason. Other options: Joe Harris and Evan Fournier.

Small Forward

Top: Can we possibly pair Steph Curry and Kevin Durant $43 tonight? The answer is YES! They both have been playing really good and there will be tons of buckets to go around tonight. If you don’t want to stack Curry and KD, Gallinari $29 is a nice ‘run it back’ piece. DDR will be under 5% owned and while I will not play him in cash, he should be considered for GPP’s.

Middle: Mr. Air Monarch. Joe Ingles $21, is probably the best option if you want to save up some money. To be honest, I am not in love with the SF position today, I feel like I will be paying down on all my builds if I am not playing KD.

Value: Rodions Kurucs $11 has to be my underrated fantasy MVP so far this season. He is always at minimum or really close to minimum and he plays a ton of minutes. The guy can shoot and if his shot is landing early he has that 3-4x GPP winning potential. (Fun fact: google his path to the NBA if you have some free time today, extremely interesting).

Power Forward:

Top: While I am ok with Blake or Randle, my preferred spend up play at power forward is Tobias Harris $29. I think it is pretty easy to see that I am in love with this game and it should be extremely popular. If you want to go contrarian I love Aaron Gordon (if you are not playing Vucevic).

Middle: It seems like Nikola Mirotic $18 is coming back to life and for that price he is very well worth it. He will be back up to $30ish soon.

Value: With all the Jazz injuries it seems like Jae Crowder $14 has become very valuable and very DFS dependent.


Top: Anthony Davis $59 is, and forever will be the best option at center. His floor is just absurd and he should be involved in a shootout today against Portland. However, I am not sure if I can afford AD but I am definitely interested in playing Vucevic against the Bets for $41.

Middle: Some very, very interesting options in the middle range. I could see myself playing any of Nurk, Drummond, Harrell, Whiteside, or Allen. If you want to get contrarian, play Marc Gasol. He will eventually bounce back and he is too big for all the Celtics centers.

Value: It seems like the lock of the slate will be Ante Zizic for the minimum price. I get it…and I will most likely just plug and play. If for some reason we hear that Boban is starting LOCK HIM IN! Release the Boban!!!!

P.s, Nets v Magic Game stack for all the money.

If you find any of the advice helpful or they help you win any money please follow me on Twitter @FrostyDFS and send me tweets, or screenshots. I love interacting! Also, if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions please let me know!


Written by Frosty (Follow @FrostyDFS on Twitter)

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