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Joey’s Monkey Knife Fight Plays Feb 10th


Joeys Monkey Knife Fight Plays

Welcome back to my Monkey Knife Fight Article! We had success last tonight let’s continue that tonight! Kemba and Lavine hit by a mile, Vuc went over unfortunately but at least they took away his props after Giannis got ruled out so hopefully that didn’t effect you. You have a good one on tap today so let’s get that money. Remember to also check out Bales Banana when he drops for full plays to add to you pool.

Willie Cauley Stein Rebounding Prop: It is currently at 7.5 but I think he could reach double digits. Yes I’m adding the inconsistent WCS and I’ve already heard the worst for it. Both these centers have amazing rebounding matchups. The Suns rank last in defensive rebounding percentage allowing for more offensive rebounding opportunities and they are tied for 4th to last in offensive rebounding percentage.  They are allowing the 5th most rebounds to centers overall. You know who 1st place is yep the Kings on the other side of the ball.

If they end up changing it to Ayton rebounds I’m even more excited about the play. I’d take actually take Ayton all the way up to 11.5 rebounds and feel comfortable. I would love to get in on the Glass Cleaner prop but they set the line just way too high for 2x I would have loved it at 29.5. 

Nikola Vucevic Scoring Prop: It is currently set at 19.5 points and I like it up to 21.5. Vuc currently has a 28.7% usage rate which is extremely high for a center. The magic are 26th in pace in the NBA while the Hawks are 1st. This means we inflate the average stats for a player in pace up spots like these especially with how much of a pace bump this is. Scoring wise Atl has been pretty decent to centers but that’s due to the fact fact most teams don’t run their offense through the center position. LAst time they played Vuc had 29 points and I expect tat same production in this game.

Devin Booker Scoring Prop: I got him in last night at 23.5 but now he is at 24.5 which I still like. There is no line yet but I expect this to be the highest scoring game on the slate. We have 2 teams that play at a high pace and play little defense leading to a very high scoring game. He was inactive for the first two meeting but we can look and see what he’s done to these high pace low defensive teams like the Hawks where he dropped 32. I’ll take him up to 25.5 but I wouldn’t be surprised if he goes for 30+.



For some reason the picture won’t uplod but it’s

Rapidfire 2.5x Lakers vs 76ers

Lebron +5.5 reboundss to Embiid

Rondo assists to Ben +.5

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