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Joeys PrizePicks Palooza Tuesday May 14th


Plays of the Day

Enes Kanter UNDER 29 fantasy points: Since it’s Ramadan he has to fast. This leads to less stamina and a worse performance. In a game where I expect it to be high paced and run and gun we might see a minutes decline from him. We have seen Stotts go away from there normal starters because the matchup just isn’t favorable which is something we could see with Kanter.

Evan Turner UNDER 18.2 fantasy prop: This prop is just way too high for him and I’m surprised he hasn’t lowered much since yesterday. He had a ceiling performance last game dropping 14 real points. He hasn’t scored that much total in over a month’s worth of games. This just seems like an easy under for a 7 or 8th guy on the roster after a ceiling game.

Trap of the Day

Zack Collins fantasy prop: He’s been playing great but the issue I have here is a majority of his minutes and therefore his fantasy production has been at the expense of Aminu’s minutes. Aminu just could play against Millsap which led to a benching. Not that he’s bad but it just wasn’t the best matchup so why force him. This makes me scared to play him because I’m really not sure how his minutes will be this series and I’m waiting a game to see rotations.

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