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Sriracha’s NBA SIM DFS Player Pool- 3/19/20

What’s up everyone, glad to be back here writing something for you guys. It’s been a really tough stretch with no sports for all us sport fans and especially DFS players. I hope you guys are all staying healthy and together with your family. Today, I’ll be going over a player pool for “NBA Sim Sports” where FanDuel will randomly select a number for each player and based on the number, that player’s gamelog that corresponds with that number will be chosen for their point value for that day. Here is how I’m going to be breaking it down- I’m going for more of a “safe” approach for you just to get a nice cash, while Joey will be going over the probabilities and ceilings in a different article. Plays listed below are players who are consistent and have a nice gamelog with few “duds”.

Point Guard:

Luka Doncic

Ben Simmons

Russell Westbrook

De’Aaron Fox

Collin Sexton

Markelle Fultz

Shooting Guard:

James Harden

Khris Middleton

Evan Fournier

Devonte’ Graham

Small Forward:

Giannis Antetokounmpo

Tobias Harris

Jon Isaac

Tim Hardaway

Rodney Hood

Power Forward:

Kristaps Porzingis

Aaron Gordon

Robert Covington

Nemanja Bjelica

Larry Nance

Brandon Clarke


Andre Drummond

Hassan Whiteside

Dwight Powell

Tristan Thompson

Jonas Valanciunas



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