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Bobby’s NBA Game Theory (11/8/19)

Guards Forwards
Centers Game Stacks
D. Lillard Giannis J. Embiid Knicks/Mavs
L. Doncic A. Davis A. Drummond Cavs/Wizards
R. Neto J. Randle H. Whiteside Kings/Hawks
CJ McCollum K. Porzingis J. Okafor Raptors/Pelicans
I. Thomas J. Parker T. Bryant Wolves/Warriors


*If you don’t already play 3 lineups and 3 max entry contests daily, try using the teams provided in the stacks above to maximize upside and correlation in your NBA lineups.



Updates to come to this section as we approach lock so continue to check back for more insight.

  • I think this is a great slate to play “heavier” in GPPs because there are a ton of different ways to differentiate yourself in the top tier.  I love the Luka-Porzingis-Randle game stack and will have a ton of that tonight in GPPs.  All 3 of these players have a scenario where they reach their 90th percentile outcome in the same game.  Obviously overtime/game-stacking is an underrated approach in NBA DFS GPPs.  The number of game stacks versus the number of games that go to overtime are disproportionate, leaving an edge available.
  • Studs I’m focusing on in the slate include:
    • KAT
    • Luka Doncic
    • Trae Young
    • Giannis
    • Anthony Davis
    • Joel Embiid
    • Andre Drummond
    • Nikola Jokic
    • Damian Lillard
  • ThevalueplaysI’mlookingatonthisslateinclude.
    • Jahill Okafor
    • Raul Neto
    • Dwight Powell
    • Evan Fournier
    • Bogdan Bogdanovic
    • Darius Garland
    • Alex Len
    • Dewayne Dedmon
  • I am going to be focused on exposing myself to high total games with tight spreads when stacking in GPPs.
    • One of the most underrated parts of NBA DFS is game stacking.  The amount of times game stacks are utilized compared to the number of overtimes we see in the NBA is extremely underutilized.
    • When playing the 50,000 person GPP’s, you should be picking a game that you think will be competitive with a chance to go to overtime.  We gain a ton of additional value when a game goes to overtime and we have the relevant DFS plays from that game stacked up.
    • Make sure to focus on the games I listed in the table above when looking to stack a game tonight in GPP.


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