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League of Legends (LCS) 2 Game Slate Breakdown- 4/7/20

What’s up everyone, after having a really good last couple days in the LPL, we’re back with LCS split slate. FLYQUEST and Golden Guardians play today at 4EST while TSM and 100T play tomorrow. Keep in mind this is playoffs, it is best of 5. Let’s get right into the breakdown!


FQ vs GG (FQ -210)

This is a tricky game. Odds favor FQ with a -210 ML. I agree with them, under one condition. FlyQuest has to start Solo. V1per, their usual starting top laner has just been awful. He was subbed out midway through the series vs Evil Geniuses, and FlyQuest looked a lot better and even won a game. If Solo starts today, I like FQ a ton. If he somehow doesn’t start, for whatever emotional attachment FQ has to their veteran top laner, then I shift my focus to Golden Guardians, because them stealing atleast one game V1per starts and potentially another when he gets subbed out, could be huge for their fantasy potential. They aren’t crazy productive or “bloody” but they are extremely good value for today’s slate. I anticipate them stealing 1-2 games, but not beating FQ.


TSM vs 100T (TSM-170)

These are my two favorite teams. I hate that they got matched up with each other in a single elimination. TSM has come out and said they have really struggled playing from home, their synergy and team chemistry all came from being with and around eachother, and this has really taken a toll on their play. They even said that they just have flat out struggled not being with their teammates, and their play hasn’t been top tier like what we’ve seen earlier before everything went remote. My gut tells me that TSM will probably be able to gut this out and get the W, but 100T is a pretty good team on their own and have one of the best remote set ups in the whole LCS. In my opinion, it should be bloody and I say TSM wins this 3-2. I like 100T’s side because they still have upside in these type of game environments.

Good Luck! DM me @SrirachaDFS if you have any questions! 

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