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League of Legends (LEC) DFS- 3/27/20 (FREE)

What’s up everyone, Sriracha here! This isn’t usually what sport I’m writing about but with all sports on halt, League of Legends is the last thing we have. Let me give you a bit of background on how this works. I’ve been playing this for about a decade now, and let me tell you, this is a lot harder than it seems. Pro players are top tier, and it takes a lot of strategy, teamwork, and skill. I’ll be breaking it down matchup by matchup, along with a final analysis on which teams I am targeting. Let’s get started!


SKG(2-14) @ ROG (9-7) (ROG -700)

The odds aren’t everything, but it is definitely something we want to look at first and foremost. Usually when there are heavy favorites, the odds will definitely be something I’m putting into factor first. However, when the odds are sitting anywhere from -110/-175, the game can really sway either side. For this game in particular, ROG should be a safe team stack. They lost two in a row to the top two teams in the league, so they are sitting pretty cheap on FanDuel. Hans Sama in particular is the third cheapest starting ADC. They should win this matchup, but I don’t know if the upside is there for GPPS. In their previous matchup on 2/15, Inspired dominated the matchup at JNG while the others had decent cash performances. Overpriced on DraftKings.

Final Analysis: Not touching SKG, ROG decent cash team with limited upside, provides safe floor.

IMKT(Implied Kill Total)- ROG 15, SKG 6


MSF (9-7) v VIT (1-15) (MSF-475)

Misfits need to win to stay in playoffs, and their chances are pretty high as they face Vitality who are the worst team in the league. Excel is a solid 2 games behind so unless Misfits completely blow this split, their chances of keeping themselves in the playoffs are high. They have solid numbers as a team, however I’m more concerned on who is going to be their top performer, so making a stack will be tough. Their price on FanDuel isn’t appealing, but they do provide a nice stable floor in this matchup, they most likely won’t be messing around with their playoffs situation. They lost their split 0-2 last week again vs FTC and ML, 2 of the top 4 teams. They should bounce back this week for sure.

Final Analysis: Don’t touch VIT, MSF is another good cash team and I honestly prefer them over ROG. Upside could be there.  However, on FanDuel particularly they are priced up a bit. 

IMKT: MSF 15.5, VIT 8


G2 (13-3) v FCS (5-11) (G2 -1400)

G2 have been stellar this season and don’t show signs of stopping anytime soon. They are my favorite team to watch and stack- they play fast, together, and they’ve been killing it this season. FCS actually have been playing a lot better with this new lineup, they went 2-0 in the last split. There is a slim, and I mean slim, chance that FCS upsets G2. I just can’t see it happening.

Final Analysis: FCS worth a shot in GPPs. Limiting exposure, maybe 1 out of 10 lineups. G2 is my favorite team to stack, they should have great fantasy performances and hey, maybe FCS can make this game last a bit longer. 

IMKT: G2 20, FCS 8.5 


OG (12-4) v ES (7-9) (OG-500)

OG is similar to like a Spurs team (basketball reference). Slow paced, but play with style and intelligence. They don’t have a super high ceiling because they tend to pick and choose their engagements and aren’t always going in (like G2), instead, they play slower and more at their own pace. This has lead them to a 12-4 record and tied second in the league. I like them for cash, they definitely own a good floor and should have decent fantasy games- however they don’t have the ceiling I would want compared to G2. I see them winning this for sure, just won’t be a bloody victory.

Final Analysis: OG is top 3 cash teams for me tomorrow. Safe floor for cash with a bit of upside if game somehow turns bloody. Definitely won’t be overexposed to them in GPPs. 

IMKT: OG 15.5, ES 6


FTC (12-4) v ML (10-6) (FTC -245)

This should be a great game. I loved watching them last week, both went 2-0 in their split. This game should be very competitive, in their last matchup ML got the W, but this was earlier in the season. This game should be really close, I honestly can see it going either way. This has the second highest kill total on the slate, it should be bloody. This should be one of the games that decides my GPP fate- I’ll have team stacks on both sides, but not together. Keep in mind LEC is one game, stacking teams vs each other usually isn’t the move. FTC imo, should win this, but I’m leaning more 60/40. I’ll be exposed to both teams in tournaments.

Final Analysis: Both teams good for GPPS. If Mad Lions win and win in bloody fashion, they could be in GPP winning lineups. Both teams are priced decently, so I’m not making them a priority but they both have great potential to put up ceiling games. 

IMKT: FTC 16, ML 10.5



I hope you guys enjoyed my first write up, to wrap it up, I will be prioritizing G2, OG and MSF for cash, while sprinkling in ROG. For GPPs, I really like the FTC/ML game paired with one of the three teams I’m running in cash. Any questions? If I messed up somewhere in the article, please let me know! DM me on Twitter for more information, and follow me @SrirachaDFS ! I hope to see you in the Karma FREE Esports Chat!


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