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League of Legends (LPL/LCK ) Breakdown- 4/8/20

What’s up everyone, we’re here with our first ever LPL article. We’ve been killing it the past week, while also playing LCS and LEC. I hope you guys were able to read my article for those as well that I put out over the last two weeks. Today, we will be shifting our focus to LPL and LCK. They play late at night, hence the date being for “tomorrow”. Let’s get right into it, I’ll be using data directly from our Data Dashboard. (Thanks Sam!)


RW vs VG (VG-280)

VG played OMG a couple days ago, in a big playoff implicated match. I was all over OMG, and they won me a good amount of money. However, in this matchup, I’m going to go right back to VG. They have shown good promise vs the top teams and have won one game of the series at the least, since their 0-2 return from the break. They won 3 out of their last 4 series, and are starting to figure out something that works for them. Today, they face Rogue Warriors. According to the Karma Data Dashboard, Rogue Warriors allow the most points to opposing teams of all teams on the slate at 358.90. Here is why- The Rogue Warriors are a very aggressive team, they kill a lot (13.9 KPG 4th highest on slate) but they also die a lot, the highest on the slate at 17.1 deaths per game. This does worry me a bit, because VG isn’t a very aggressive team, they like to attack the bottom lane and feed their ADC/JNG, and force the dragon play (3rd highest DRA on slate at 56.1%). This is good because RW aren’t prioritizing the dragon as much as VG, so if VG can win those skirmishes near the bot lane dragon it would be huge for their chances at winning this series. Prioritize Aix, IBoy, Forge.

My prediction: VG 2-1, CASH TEAM

SN vs OMG (OMG-215)

This is one of my favorite matches on the slate to watch. It should be fun to watch and should be very competitive. SN is a better team than the stats suggest, they are very aggressive but also die a lot like RW. They have very talented players that just need to put it all together. They’ve got unlucky, alike OMG with their schedule, playing IG, TES, and JDG all back to back to back, decimating their record. OMG played IG, TES, and FPX during this same stretch which decimated their record. This is a hard one to call, overall SN dies more but average over 3 more kills (14 KPG vs 11 KPG) per game than OMG. I’m worried that OMG won’t be able to handle these team fights, but if they use the same strategy they used last game, I’m confident OMG can win 2-1. They prioritized the top lane while having bot lane just handle their own and not take many risks, scaling for the late game. This allowed them to be aggressive early, something I see them doing again tonight. OMG die about 11 times per game, which isn’t bad compared to SN’s 15.0 deaths per game. I will side with OMG and hope they can take advantage of their map control. SN is not a bad GPP team, if they can control the bot lane like they have been while putting pressure elsewhere, they could definitely be a high upside GPP squad. OMG is a GPP squad for me, they don’t have insane upside. I like the full stack here for GPPs. Suning give up the most points in losses to ADCs and Supps.

My prediction: OMG 2-1, GPP TEAM 

WE vs TES (TES -360)

Another great game here, I’m gonna keep this one short and simple. TES have one of the best MID laners, and to me, Knight is a monster, and my MVP pick for this year. TES is aggressive, they average 15.6 kills per game, while only dying around 13 times per game. They are definitely a top tier team that will only get better. I am completely off WE, they have not been able to steal any games from top teams. However, I do like their aggression because this will mean TES will have to either have to contest Dragon more often or their will be more team fights. Stack as many TES as you can!

My prediction: TES 2-0, CASH TEAM



DWG vs GRF (DMO -700)

This is a nice matchup for the rolling DMO, they have won their last 4 and have found a play style that really works for them. The only thing about LCK games is that they aren’t usually as exciting and action-packed like LPL games are, meaning less kills and less upside. DWG is very expensive on both sites today but they are a safe cash team. They average 11.9 Kills and 11.6 Deaths per game, which is right there with GEN who is one of the best LCK teams out there. I like DWG as well due to GRF’s death per game, sitting at 11.6. GRF plays slow and doesn’t allow many points in losses, which limits DWG’s upside especially with their prices. For me, DWG is a cash team, with limited GPP upside.

My prediction: DWG 2-0, CASH TEAM 

APK vs GEN G (GEN G -1400)

Gen G is a very organized and well thought out team that plays at their own pace. Every time I watch them I’m just in awe with their execution. They make very smart decisions and don’t force too many fights. They are very focused on objectives making them a very good “TEAM” play today. They have the highest DRA % at 60.5%, and average 3.5 more turrets per game than they give up. This should be an easy sweep for them, APK doesn’t stand a chance. One thing I want to point out is keep an eye out for who GEN starts at SUPP, I doubt we will get that info but they have been trying some things out with Life/Kellin.

My prediction: GEN G 2-0, CASH TEAM

Thanks for reading! I’m so excited to be finally writing LPL/LCK for you guys, I hope all of you reading are having a great day, and staying safe and healthy. I will be back with more articles later this week! Tweet at me @SrirachaDFS if you have any questions.

CREDIT TO @LPLENGLISH for the cover photo!

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