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LoL DFS Game Theory 7/30 (LPL/LCK)

We are excited to bring to you our LOL DFS Game Theory.  This piece of content is created to help breakdown each slate and label plays into four, very easy to follow, categories.  Cash, Safe GPP/Upside, Low owned GPP and Fades.  Utilizing this piece of content, along with DFS Karmas Esports Projection Portal and other DFS Karma LOL DFS content, will help make your lineup construction more effective and lead you to being more consistent in your DFS journey.



*If you don’t already play 3 lineups and 3 max entry contests daily, try using the teams provided in the stacks above to maximize upside and correlation in your LOL lineups.  (SR=Sub Risk)

Slate Thoughts:

  • We are back to a normal LoL slate tonight with 4 matches.  The first team I am going to target in all formats tonight is TES.  Last time we had TES on our slate, we watched them get absolutely dismantled by IG.  Tonight, I expect they bounce back, and bounce back in a big way!  They will face SN tonight in a match-up where I think TES sweep them, and do so in very convincing fashion.  TES cannot be happy with the way things went vs. IG last time out, so they will have extra motivation to remind everyone in the world that they are one of, if not the best teams in the world.  I expect Knight and Jackeylove to lead the way and put up very impressive numbers.
  • My next target in cash games will be Afreeca.  They will be facing one of the worst teams in the LCK, HLE.  Over the course of this summer split HLE have only won one series.  Afreeca have actually looked decent this split, but really its only against the bottom half of the LCK.  I like AF to win tonight by sweeping HLE.   AF not only are a great play in cash games, but I think they make for a good tournament option tonight as well.  Fly and Mystic are my top targets from AF tonight.
  • V5 will be one of my top Gpp targets tonight.   They will be facing WE tonight in what should be an exciting and close match-up.  V5 lead WE in GPM, GD @15 minutes and FB%.  Meanwhile WE lead V5 narrowly in DRA% and HER%.  I really like V5 to win this series, and possibly even sweep WE.  Weiwei, SamD and ppgod(great name), will be my top targets from V5.  In my opinion V5 have the second highest ceiling on the slate tonight and make for a great tournament option.
  • Good Luck tonight!

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