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Sriracha’s LPL/LCK Breakdown- 7/23/20

What’s up everyone! Back here with another article, I will likely try to have articles every time there’s a 4 gamer, but with NBA/MLB coming back I have a lot on my plate. I’ll try my best to have these articles but I’ll definitely still put out cores for premium members and be active in the LoL premium chat. Let’s get into tonight’s breakdown.


I like both LCK teams for cash today- AF & DWG. I think they should both be able to 2-0 their opponents today, AF just played SHO and swept them, and although their scores were not amazing, they still put up decent scores for cash games, and I expect them to actually be a bit more bloody today now that they know what to expect. AF has advantages in major categories and I really like their advantages across the board particularly in the solo lanes. As for DWG, they are a top 4 team in the LCK without a doubt and Showmaker has had an amazing split so far, carrying DWG. DWG should be able to roll on SB today, I don’t think SB stands a chance at all. I’ll be prioritizing both of these teams today for cash games, with highlights on Showmaker, Canyon and Ghost for DWG, and Fly, Mystic and Kiin for AF. 


V5 -175 vs SN

Both teams have been surprisingly phenomenal this season, v5 more surprising than anything. They have a great squad that plays together and knows how to handle the solo laning phase and take it onto the mid game. SN has a great bot lane, but I really think SamD and PpGOD have this edge here. I’ll have to side with V5, they have better DRA% & map control. Both LPL series will be very close. I personally like V5 to win this series. Mole, SamD, PPgod are my priorities. 2-1 series here. 

*I also like LGD > RNG, but another very very close series. (2-1)

Thanks for reading! Please shoot me a message if you have any questions.


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