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Fantasy Sports streaming brought to you by Trevis, Tony, and the entire DFS Karma team

DFS Karma is the leading source of streaming daily fantasy sports coverage. We give you all the info you need for today’s contests while answering your questions live on air. Join our experts as we talk about today’s top plays.

With topics ranging from:
  • NFL Fantasy Football
  • NHL Fantasy Hockey
  • NBA Fantasy Basketball
  • EPL Fantasy Soccer
  • PGA Fantasy Golf
  • MMA Fantasy Mixed Martial Arts

We are on top of the game every time, answering questions and debating subjects we know you want to hear. We know you want to be a part of the NFL fantasy sports community and drive hard on discussions to help you get in the game. Fantasy football, fantasy baseball, and fantasy basketball are just the tip of the iceberg. DFS Karma makes fantasy sports into not just a hobby but a lifestyle. Follow us as we discuss the best players with the best odds in every position. Feel free to join in and ask Trevis and Tony questions. We keep the discussions as interactive as possible, allowing viewers to add their own input. Our goal is to connect the fantasy sports community and bring together as much insight in one place as possible. We encourage challenging questions and for others to share their knowledge. We believe that the more people that gather and share their knowledge in one place, the better more valuable a resource it becomes.

If you’re a numbers girl/guy and are looking for a deeper, statistical insight on your betting odds, check out DFS Karma’s memberships and gain the same knowledge as the DFS Karma staff. We work everyday to calculate the absolute best numerical chances of the plays you’re looking for.

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