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Joey’s Monday Night Football Showdown Throwdown KC @ LAR

Joey’s Monday Night Football Showdown Throwdown

Welcome back DFS grinders we have what could be the game of the year and I’m here to help break down my favorite plays on this Monday Night Football Showdown featuring what could be the 2 best teams in the league the Chiefs @ Rams. This is one of the highest game totals I’ve seen at 63.5 so we will definitely see a ton of scoring. I even like the over in this game with a huge 63.5 game total. We could see both teams easily score in the 40s. These guys are all expensive so this is going to be one of the tougher slates in a while for sure. This game could come down more to roster construction than actually great plays. There’s a ton to choose from here, so I will be adding roster construction ideas to help with all this overwhelming information. There’s a ton of routes to go tonight and I’m so excited to watch this game.

Studs/MVP Candidates

I’m going to be honest here there are a ton of studs that could all go off here. There’s a chance all go off and score similar numbers, but there’s also a chance one guys just goes off for 30+ like we saw last week with Tyreek Hill. There’s a ton of routes you can go in this slate which makes it a ton more fun but at the same time hard to predict.

Todd Gurley: He is my favorite overall play on the board which doesn’t come at much surprise. Kansas City is getting torn apart by Running Backs. Todd Gurley is one of the safest plays on the board I would expect tons of touches with QB touchdown upside. Kansas City ranks last in the league in receiving yards allowed to RBs we could see Gurley get the 3 pt bonus twice tonight. The ceiling for him is crazy high. Roster construction note: Stacking Chiefs but running it back with Gurley and Just hope Gurley gets 4 out of the 5 touchdowns that we could see tonight. Also pairing Gurley with Zuerlien and hope Gurley gets all the touchdowns and the rest of the points come as field goals. Ending in what could be huge upside and takedown if you get the Chiefs guys right.

Kareem Hunt:  As good as Mahomes is, this game could turn into a battle of the running backs. I see a situation on FD more than DK where I go zero QB. Kareem Hunt has the most success running to the outside the Rams Interior Defensive lineup is a brick wall. Hunt can see huge success tonight running to the outside. Hunt is also one of the uber backs that we see heavily involved in the passing game as well.  Roster Construction note: I could see a zero QB lineup here with huge upside. These running backs are great and are both top 5 running backs in the league. We could see a ton of rushing touchdowns and avoiding the QBs could help you fit in Hill and Kelce in the lineup as well to just stack these studs. This lineup will work if we see a ton of rushing touchdowns and the ball gets spread around for the chiefs allowing everyone to get involved in what could be the best offense we’ve see in a long time.

Patrick Mahomes: He leads the league in passing yards outside the pocket. Which with the defensive line the the Rams have it shouldn’t be too much of a problem for him. The average NFL pass  is 2.5 seconds after the snap Mahomes has completed 85% of his pass before that. There’s not a lot to say about him he’s in an elite matchup but the price definitely makes me think about the play on FD. I really want to fit him in on DK the way roster construction can work with the dirt cheap guys. Roster construction note: To go back to that Todd Gurley only play for the Rams I like running it back with Mahomes either in the CPT if you can’t fit Gurley and adding all the weapons in this Chiefs passing game.

Tyreek Hill: Michael Thomas just torched this team for 211 yards. I see similarities between these two games. over 50% of the yards Thomas gained was in the slot. Hill also is one if those WR1s that line up in the slot a ton. He is 5th in the league in yards out of the slot which is around 80% of his yards. He could be one of those guys you 100% need to have to cash tonight. On the outside he will see Marcus Peters who we’ve seen throughout his career he is a boom or bust type of guy.

Middle Tier

Brandon Cooks vs Robert Woods: Woods will be lining up the majority of his snaps in the slot which is a position I want to avoid in against the Chiefs with Kendell Fuller running most of the slot corner snaps. Brandon Cooks will rarely see Fuller even when Fuller lines up outside he doesn’t lineup on his side. Cooks will be seeing Steven Nelson who is allowing the 10th most yards in the league right now. He is the perfect price on DK where yu don’s have to sacrifice much to pay for him.

Travis Kelce: He has become the best TE in the league and has one of the best matchups for TEs he can have. Marqui Christian is bottom 5 in the league in yards per snap, snaps per target, and snaps per reception. This all leads me to believe he could be instore for a huge miss match and could easily top 100 yards and a TD if the Chiefs look to make him a focal point of this offense. Roster Construction Note: I could see pairing Kelce and Cooks together in the same lineup on DK for sure. There are a ton of these guys that have huge break the slate ceilings and you get Cooks/Kelce as the cheapest of them. 

Josh Reynolds: I might be locking him in. I heard worries that since Kupp is out Reynolds will be lining up in the slot and have to face Fuller who is their best defender. That’s not true last time Kupp was out they used Woods a majority in the slot. Reynolds shouldn’t have to see Fuller that much tonight. The rest of that secondary I’m not scared of at all. We saw him in the Green Bay game that he grabbed 2 TDs, he needs to fill the role as the 3rd option in this amazing offense.


This is the perfect game to roll out the kickers. In a game with one of the highest game totals I’ve ever seen; these kickers will be used a ton. On DK they are the perfect salary relief they are the one players that you know will score points on XPs, but they can also have huge ceilings if these teams can keep them out of the endzone they could see a ton of field goals.

I’ll be avoiding defenses here. Even though they are cheap you are really relying on defensive TDs for them to even have more than maybe 5 points. The only defense I would consider touching tonight is the Rams. they might be able to get to Mahomes to disrupt him, but I’m only touching them if I am running a ton of lineups and trying to takedown the main 100k people contest and trying not to tie.

Cheap Tier

So there are a couple ways you can go here, which can really separate you from the field. I would say double kicker would be the safest cheap option which I’m heavily considering. This is an option that lets you for sure get points. There’s also the “throw away” player option. That’s grabbing a 3 digit guy that isn’t heavily involved but if they manage to score then it could be an easy win. These guys would include Anthony Sherman or Demetrius Harris. My highest upside guy Chris Conley if we get the news that Sammy Watkins is out he could be a slate breaker. The Rams are struggling in the slot and Conley runs a majority of his routes in the slot.

We saw last week with Kupp the Rams pulled out some 2 TE sets. Which could could give us even more options to go for cheap.  Tyler Higbee outsnaps Gerald Everett 50 to 16 but we have to look at routes run to really see the story. Higbee ran 16 and Everett ran 13 routes. So we see that the Rams are are looking at Everett as more of a pass catcher that blocker. This make me want to play Everett more than Higbee. The Chiefs have really struggled against TEs and a really want to target these TEs they have a great matchup tonight and could be the perfect salary relief.

Good luck all!!


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