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NFL Jock MKT Play (Divisional Round)

Welcome to our NFL Jock MKT Play for Divisional Round. Below I’ll outline my favorite Jock MKT buys for this weekend.


What Is Jock MKT? 

The simplest way to outline this is daily fantasy sports meets the stock market. You’ll purchase shares of players for varying amounts, depending on how much others are willing to pay for them during the IPO. Once the Live Trading starts, you can buy players that others want to sell or sell your players during the game. Once all of the games have ended, you will receive money based on how well your player performs compared to the field on the Jock MKT app for this week. 

You can find more detailed information on this fresh way to play DFS here


Wild Card Weekend Results

Deebo Samuel

Highest Potential Bid: $8.00

Break-Even Point: 12

Samuel’s coming off of an outstanding week for the San Francisco 49ers. He posted 72 yards and 1 touchdown on the ground. He also recorded 3 receptions for 38 yards on 3 targets last week. Samuel ended last week being worth $10 per share.


Wild Card Weekend Buy

Mike Evans

Highest Potential Bid: $8.00

Break-Even Point: 12

If you’re new to Jock MKT, you may be struggling to read what’s listed below the Evans recommendations. Essentially, I’m willing to spend up to $8 per share for Evans. He needs to finish 12th in the field for me to make my money back with the opportunity for me to make more if he finishes higher. 

For example, if I buy 1 share of Evans at $8 and he finishes 12th in this field, I make my $8 back. If he finishes 1st, I win $25 (profit $17). If he finishes last, I win $1 (lose $7). It’s that simple. 

Evans has performed well throughout the 2021 season. He’s posted 83 receptions for 1,152 yards and 15 touchdowns on 124 targets over 17 games. Evans’ posted double-digit fantasy points in 8 of his last 10 games. He’s also scored 29.7 and 26.9 fantasy points in his last two games.

Evans gets a solid matchup against the Los Angeles Rams this weekend. They’re allowing 241.7 passing yards per game along with 6.3 adjusted yards per attempt this season. Los Angeles’ only given up 17 passing touchdowns with a 2.7% passing touchdown rate in 2021.

The Rams have struggled with air yards and yards after the catch (YAC) this season. They’ve allowed 2,265 air yards and 2,212 YAC. Overall, Los Angeles’ allowed the seventh-most airYAC (4,477) in the NFL this season.

Evans has seen plenty of air yards this season. He’s seen 1,484 air yards with a 13.1 aDOT this season. He isn’t an elite YAC player, recording 259 YAC this season. Evans has also taken on a larger role in the offense with Chris Godwin injured and Antonio Brown released.

He’s currently ranked ninth in Jock MKT’s pre-rank. He’s projected for 18.03 fantasy points on this smaller slate. This is a game that has shootout potential, and Evans will be a focal point of the Tampa Bay passing game. He comes with tremendous upside, and he makes a great option on this slate.

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