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Stephen’s Viz Of The Day (8/19): WR Preview Part 3

TD Reliant
Stephen's Viz Of The Day: TD Reliant Wide Receivers

Stephen’s Viz Of The Day (8/19): WR Preview Part 3

Wide Receivers That Rely Heavily On Touchdowns

I wanted to see if I could predict what receivers will be high risk in 2019 based on % of total fantasy points scored that were reliant on TDs. The high risk receivers were above average but not elite (10 to 12 pts per game) and were highly reliant on scoring TDs (> 30% of overall pts) in 2018. This means 30% or more of their points came directly from scoring touchdowns rather than receiving yards. Consistent receivers don’t rely heavily on scoring touchdowns – making this crop of receivers high risk in 2019. Although the low risk receivers still relied heavily on scoring TDs – their pts per game(> 12) forces them into a different category, a much less risky one. Although all these receivers need to score TDs to produce – count on the low risk players to produce week in and week out while the high risk players will be hit or miss.

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