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Karma Bombs – MLB Homeruns 5/11

“Mother’s Day Weekend Bombs”

Written By: Nate Kelly “DFSshrek”

The Bomb Sheet is used to help highlight MLB Players in Prime hitting spots. These players can be played on all sites depending on price and roster construction. There is always more upside added to these Players by incorporating them into stacks, but make sure to start your stacks with the players highlighted below.


Miami Marlins vs New York Mets

Pete Alonzo – DK$5300/FD$4000/Yahoo$19

Pete Alonzo is on his way to being A problem for pitchers. He is showing early in 2019 that he has serious power verse RHP. Small sample size but he is mashing fastballs that Sandy Alcantara throws. Alonzo HR prediction of 16.4% is not surprising with wOBA .429 and ISO 329. He does not strikeout a lot and walk rate shows he gets on base. I don’t just expect bombs here. He should be a high production player in the matchup.

Also Consider: M. Conforto


Philadelphia Philles vs Kansas City Royals

Rhys Hoskins 1B- DK$3600/FD$4600/Yahoo$23


This looks to be a prime spot for Rhys Hoskins. He has a wRC+ 142 in 2019 and seems to be even more discipline at the plate in 2019. Keller really throws two pitches when facing RHB and both of these pitch types help Rhys Hoskins check all 5 stars. Hoskins ISO .282 and wOBA .438 vs fastballs which he will Keller throw 41% of the time. There is some risk here since his whiff has jumped up verse the slider which is Keller’s other pitch.

Also Consider: R. O’Hearn


Atlanta Braves vs Arizona Diamond Backs

Ozzie Albies 2B – DK$3900/FD$3800/Yahoo$17

One of my favorite pivot stacks on this slate is Atlanta Braves and Ozzie Albies is the one for me. His price being somewhat low on all sites along with his stolen base potential. He is facing a bad RHP and this matchup he should be on base a lot. Ozzie ISO has climbed to a career high vs RHP .191 and his hard contact is up as well.

Also Consider: N. Markakis


Texas Rangers vs Houston Astros

Robinson Chirinos C – DK $3800/FD$3400/Yahoo$20

There is plenty data to back up Robinson Chirinos being the one highest priced catcher on all sites. His HR prediction of 17.4% is very interesting. He has increased his fly ball to homerun % this year and less strike outs. Once again, a great spot verse a pitcher that throws one pitch. Chirinos wOBA .480, ISO .228 and hard contact of 56%. One of my favorite stacks on this slate for cash and gpp and he will be in it!

Also Consider: G. Springer


San Diego Padres vs Colorado Rockies

Nolan Arenado 3B – DK $5800/FD$5000/Yahoo$27

One of the most expensive plays on all sites today will be Nolan Arenado. Well worth it in my opinion. He checks all 5 stars. His HR prediction is 19.7%, wOBA .534, ISO .484, and 45% hard contact vs LHPs throwing sinkers. Lucchesi relies on the pitch 63% of the time verse RHBs. If you do not stack Coors, lock Arenado in NOW!!!!!!!

Also Consider: M. Machado


Detroit Tigers vs Minnesota Twins

C.J. Cron 1B – DK $4100/FD$3000/Yahoo$15

When I find a Pitcher that really only throws one pitch, I zero in on his matchup. C.J Cron standout here to me. Hitting 51% hard contact, wOBA 407 and wRC+ 127 in this matchup vs a fastball only throwing lefty. Sign me up!

Also Consider: E. Rosario


Cincinnati Reds vs San Francisco Giants

Derek Dietrich OF/2B – DK$4600/FD$3100/Yahoo$13

Derek Dietrich to me is worth the price and should be the first LHB in and reds stack. His patience this year has attributed to hi low strike out % and increased wOBA .406 vs LHP. Jeff Samardzija has been worse vs LHBs this season so this could end up being a 10% owned Bomb

Also Consider: J. Votto


Washington Nationals Vs Los Angeles Dodgers

Justin Turner 3B – DK$4300 /FD$3300/Yahoo$15

This to me is a leverage Play in this game. Max Scherzer likes to throw his 94mph fastball 52% of the time to RHBs. This pitch trends very well for Turner. Turner is averaging wOBA .461, ISO .327 and over 96 mph exit velocity. Justin Turner checks all 5 stars here.

Also Consider C. Bellinger

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