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English Premier League Season Long Bets


And here….we….go!


YES! It is finally that time, English Premier League IS BACK! 


After a VERY long break, EPL is around the corner and I am ready to get right back on track where we left off and CRUSH This season. If you are interested in receiving any of our core plays sign up on and use promo code: QUARTERBACK for a 20% discount in perpetuity!


A little disclaimer before I go on with my season long bets. I am a ‘play the odds’ type of gambler. I know there are some things that are not very feasible, but sometimes Vegas offer us the odds to make it worth it. If I do see a ‘play the odds’ bet, I will denote it and make sure it is obvious. By playing the odds, we hit several crazy parlays during the last two seasons and we even bet the Huddersfield upset of Man City! 


Now onto the season long bets:


The ‘Safe Bet’ 


Liverpool at +215. I put safe in quotation marks because the real safe bet would be Manchester City since they have dominated the past couple of years, but I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to pay -150 for a bet I have to wait 9 months to cash. Liverpool had a lead on Manchester City last year and it seemed like they were going to take the league but couple mishaps ended up being extremely costly. If you look at their transfers, nothing really stands out. But honestly, ‘pool did not need many transfers, they are stacked. They have the best defender in the world in Virgil Van Dijk, and one of the best overall players in Mo Salah. I don’t see any glaring holes and they still have the winter transfer to get some depth when UCL starts. 


The kind of crazy but could happen…


Arsenal is currently a +4000 to win it and has the highest odds for any of the top 6 teams. While Arsenal has plenty of flaws (especially Ozil’s contract), they also have some really nice offensive weapons to build around. The addition of Nicolas Pepe and Dani Ceballos just adds more firepower to Lacazette + Aub power combo on top. Their defense is still extremely shaky, but if they are making a push to the top, they could break the bank and spend up on improving their defense. 


The “no way it could ever happen” but…


It is extremely unlikely this will even happen, but Wolverhampton has 150-1 odds to win the Premier League. Again, it is extremely unlikely but those are just very nice odds. The case is a little hard to make but Raul Jimenez looks like he belongs in the EPL and he could go up another level. Their whole team is solid and they don’t have any huge holes. Out of the top 6 teams, they definitely have the most ‘realistic’ chance to win. 


Golden Boot


The Safe Bet:


Harry Kane is tied with Mo Salah at +550 to win the Golden Boot. Out of these two I would definitely side with Harry Kane because he should have more opportunities to score thanks to the way Tottenham is built around him. Last season he had some struggles with injuries but he should be 100% since the beginning of the season. Son has gone up a level and he should help facilitate Kane moving around the field with less pressure. I highly recommend putting this bet early.


The kind of crazy but could happen…


Sadio Mane started out scoring Salah in the second half of the EPL. If the trend is to continue, getting mane at +1400 is a steal. Mane will have to punish the relegation teams with 2-3 goals and he could have a realistic chance of winning the golden boot. 


The “no way it could ever happen” but…


Again, I am extremely bullish on Raul Jimenez this season. Wolves quickly realized that he is their best player and he should be the focal time of their team. While the top 6 team will be busy and rotating players with Europa, UCL, etc, Raul Jimenez should be locked for 90 minutes on a weekly basis. Getting him at +5000 is an extremely long shot but “if someone gives you +10,000 odds in any bet, you take it.” 


And with this, consider the kick off for EPL official! Again, if you are interested in receiving weekly bets, draftkings/fanduel cores, sign up for any of our packages on and use promo code ‘QUARTERBACK’ for a 20% discount on any package! 

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