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EPL Showdown Throwdown 6/17


If you are a soccer fan, you are in heaven right now with how much soccer we are about to get. If you are not a fan of soccer, but you are a fan of GREEN, keep reading and supporting us this summer because we are going to have a TON of soccer.

The first game back is Manchester City v Arsenal HUGE showdown. Manchester City is the 2nd place in the league despite being probably the best team in the world when firing in all cylinders. Arsenal is one of the ‘big teams’ of EPL but they have been struggling a lot this season. City is a HUGE favorite this game and they are expected to crush Arsenal. The most popular build will be a 4-2 or 5-1 Manchester City stack, and I totally agree that should be the popular route.

The captains

Kevin De Bruyne will be the highest owned player and for a VERY good reason. If you are playing cash games (I would play very lightly) he is your captain. No ifs, and/or buts. He has an incredible floor and always has a chance for assists and goals.

My captain is Sergio Aguero. It will not be a controversial or low owned play at all, but he will be less than KDB and he has a chance to score three and totally tilt the slate.

The other captains- If you want to go different, I honestly don’t mind any of the City Forwards (Sterling/Mahrez/maybe one of the Silva). City is such a deep team that I doubt any of them goes 90 minutes with the new 5 subs rules and the huge workload coming to all EPL teams. The only Arsenal player I would consider playing is Xhaka as a SUPER GPP play and then Jam in all the City top plays. 


Besides all the above players mentioned, I would not mind playing Leno (Arsenal GK) in a GPP where I am fading Aguero. Who knows what kind of shape these players are coming in and there is a chance the game is a super bland and boring 0-0 or 1-0 (Which I doubt). If you are playing Leno, stack 2 Arsenal defenders and Kevin De Bruyne as captain.


– Frosty

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