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Lineup Optimizer Strategy Picks for MLB 5/4/22

Welcome everyone to our Lineup Optimizer strategy article for 5/4/22. This is a new article I will be doing daily that discusses the stacks and players the optimizer is popping for today’s slate. We are very blessed to have out optimizer powered by SaberSim — and you can get access by clicking HERE. Let’s get into it…


We have a smaller slate tonight, but I’m going to build for the same type of contest I did on Tuesday. Yesterday we came to the conclusion we wanted to stack the Tigers in our Single Entry GPP build but that game got PPD, so we go again tonight.

Top Stacks

If you read my content you know I play a very tight pitcher pool and I want to be way above the field on Lucas Giolito and Freddy Peralta today. I went ahead and locked them into my builds, and I ran 500 lineups. I also excluded the Coors Field game from my run, because typically how I play Coors Field is to play that game in my cash game roster and then completely fade it in any other build I make. Let’s see the results…

The sims clearly love the Angels today, they are far ahead of the field with Baltimore, Boston and Minnesota all in the 30% range as well. I personally really like the Brewers tonight, so I was a bit surprised to see them come in fifth-overall. This is a very interesting situation, the Angels are a good enough offense to use pretty much on any day, but I don’t think Garrett Whitlock is that terrible of a pitcher. Bundy is always attackable, but I don’t really want to focus my single entry team on an offense as bad as the Orioles right now. It does appear that the Brewers are gaining steam and will be pretty-owned tonight, so I’m 100% fine sticking with an Angels stack if the sims like them that much and they’re going to be a touch lower-owned. When diving into the match-up, my five favorite batters here would be Mike Trout, Shohei Ohtani, Taylor Ward, Jared Walsh and Brandon Marsh. Whitlock throws a lot of sinkers — and every batter I just named crushes the pitch. Four of my five batters own a wOBA above .400 against sinkers, with Ward being the exception with a still solid .361 mark. Unfortunately, due to pricing and position eligibilty — we won’t be able to fit all five of those guys in with both Peralta and Giolito at pitcher. What I’ll likely do is drop off of Ward since he does have the worst marks against sinkers and is over $5,000 — and focus on Walsh/Trout/Ohtani/Marsh. Dropping off one of the pitcher is in play as well, but I do think enough value will open up that we can make that all fit-in. If I don’t end up with anything I like — I can drop Marsh and find some of the cheaper lower order Angels bats to give more room elsewhere.


In conclusion, I’m interested in the Angels at what should be lower ownership than the Brewers and will be building my single entry team around the guys in their lineup that hit sinkers well.

Written by Ben Hossler (Follow @BenHossler on Twitter)

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