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UFC 300 Main Event Jamahal Hill vs Alex Pereira Light Heavyweight Title What an absolutely stacked card from top to bottom. Add in the fact that...

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Not unlike other fantasy sports that DFS Karma has mastered the field of mixed martial arts. DFS Karma has compiled the greatest MMA fight analysts. We cover everything from the greatest events in UFC history, to minor clues of future outcomes. Everyday the odds change and fighters rise and fall. Stay up to date and join MMA professionals community. Joining the MVP membership will give you access to all our resources and chatrooms to discuss all bouts in the octagon. Knockouts can seem unpredictable and submissions uncertain, but the signs are there. It might be a fighter’s hasted weight cut or recent change in weight class that give away the outcome.


DFS Karma will you all the data available to place your bets with confidence. We also help you choose your favorites. The ferocity of fighters like Dos Santos, or the precision of Frankie Edgar can be the winning factor. Each fighting art has it’s specialties. The hard hitting knees and elbows of Muay Thai or the long range kicks of Karate may pair differently against wrestlers or Jiu-jitsu grapplers. It never hurts to learn more, and DFS Karma puts you in the center of knowledge. MMA is a still growing sport, and the beauty of mixed martial arts is that new techniques are still being developed. Martial artists are still bringing new styles to the MMA game and changing the trends.