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MLB Jock MKT Plays (4/25/22)

Jock MKT is fun new way to play DFS. In this article, I’ll break down what Jock MKT is and my favorite MLB buys for tonight’s slate. 


What Is Jock MKT? 

The simplest way to outline this is daily fantasy sports meets the stock market. You’ll purchase shares of players for varying amounts, depending on how much others are willing to pay for them during the IPO. Once the Live Trading starts, you can buy players that others want to sell or sell your players during the game. Once all of the games have ended, you will receive money based on how well your player performs compared to the field on the Jock MKT app for the night. 

You can find more detailed information on this fresh way to play DFS here

4/25/22 Top Buy

Yordan Alvarez, Houston Astros

Potential Bid: $7.00

Break-Even Point: 22nd

If you’re new to Jock MKT, you may be struggling to read what’s listed below the Alvarez recommendation. Essentially, I’m willing to spend up to $7.00 per share for him. He needs to finish 22nd in the field for me to make my money back with the opportunity for me to make more if he finishes higher.

For example, if I buy 1 share of Alvarez at $7.00 and he finishes 22nd in this field, I make my $7.00 back. If he finishes 1st, I win $25 (profit $18.00). If he finishes last, I win $1 (lose $6.00). It’s that simple.

REMINDER: If you’re new to Jock MKT — sign up using code KARMA for a 100% deposit bonus. 

I’ve discussed Alvarez at length today, and I think he is the top overall buy on Monday against Dane Dunning. Dunning is a sinker baller, which is great news for Alvarez. He’s truly one of the best hitters in baseball against the pitch, owning a massive .519 wOBA and .432 ISO. Furthermore he’s been locked in at the plate this season sporting a 94 mph average exit velocity and a career-high 56% hard-hit rate. Houston has one of the higher team totals on tonight’s slate (4.5 runs) and this is a high-upside spot for their power hitters. I wouldn’t be opposed to pairing Alvarez with some of his teammates, but he is a priority buy and I would be willing to spend up to $9.50 a share for him.

Secondary Buy

Franmil Reyes, Cleveland Guardians

Potential Bid: $4.00

Break-Even Point: 42nd

Reyes is a glaring value for me in the pre-ranking, matching up with Michael Lorenzen. Reyes is the exact type of cheap player I like to buy shares of, he has a massive ceiling and the realistic chance to finish first on any slate if he’s seeing the ball well. He’s starting to see the ball well recently, and is the second-most powerful hitter in this lineup against right-handed pitching owning a .247 ISO since the start of last season. He matches up extremely well with Lorenzen’s pitch mix as well. Lorenzen throws his slider nearly 40% of the time against same-handed batters. Cleveland as a whole is not a good team vs that pitch, but Reyes is an outlier. Over the last few seasons, he has by far the best marks on the team in the split including a .354 wOBA and .273 ISO. He has slate-breaking power every night, and I would be willing to buy shares up to $5.00 on Reyes tonight.

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