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Bet Karma Chris Week 4 Teaser

NFL Week 4

NFL Teaser and player prop

Season record (8-5) +5.00 units

Week 4. Man, I can’t believe we are at week 4 already, the weeks are moving by fast. Had a nice week 3 gambling, hitting both 2-unit teasers, brings me to up 5 units for the season. Made one huge mistake in the straight plays believing Lamar Jackson could go toe-to-toe with Patrick Mahomes and come out with a win. Patrick Mahomes is ridiculous at football and seems like a nice guy so you almost find yourself cheering for him, which is infuriating when you have bet on the other team he is playing.


Looking into week 4 there are a couple of really high spreads and the Line Makers are trying to get some money back from favorites covering at a high rate. Waiting to hear on if the Patriots are going to play with Cam Newton testing positive for covid-19. Pats game is scheduled for Tuesday, but I won’t be betting on it until I know for sure the game will be played. Hoping to see a good showing from the bears with the QB switch. Here are my picks for week 4. Good luck.



Week 4 Picks

Teasers (2 units)


Tampa (+3), Bal (-4), Dallas (+6.5)


Chicago (+13), LAR (-3.5), Bills (+7)



Straight Plays 1 unit

Chicago +3

Tampa -7





Recap 3-2 +2.80 units

Week 3


Teaser (2 unit)


Winner – 1pm

Houston (+14), las vegas (16.5), Rams (+12)



Late Games

Indy (-1.5), Seattle (+5), Green Bay (+13)


Straight plays (1 unit)

Loser – Arizona -5.5

Loser – Baltimore -3.5

Winner -Seattle -5







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Bet Karma Chris




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