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Cap’s Undervalued Best Ball Stacks for Underdog Fantasy – Denver Broncos

Underdog Fantasy is the biggest and most fun best ball platform on the planet. If you don’t have an Underdog account yet, click the banner below to sign up, and use promo code KARMA to be eligible for our exclusive bonuses! 

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With thousands of users and massive cash tournaments for you to take advantage of, best ball is the easiest way to play fantasy football. All you have to do is draft your team and Underdog Fantasy will do the rest for you. They’ll set your optimal lineup each week based on who on your roster scores the most points, meaning you’ll never have to fret start/sit decisions early Sunday morning ever again. The most proven way to win these large tournaments is called “stacking”. Stacking is when you draft multiple players from the same offense. The philosophy behind this is if that offense “hits” and has a great offensive year, then your team will reap the benefits of having every piece of a productive offense and you should outscore your opponents who did not stack. 

This series of articles will identify the most undervalued offenses to stack that are currently being under drafted on Underdog Fantasy and could potentially win you some money in season-long tournament play. 

Denver Broncos

The Broncos have one massive problem staring them in the face that is currently depressing the ADP of every offensive skill player–who is the starting quarterback? Teddy Bridgewater and Drew Lock are reportedly in a heated training camp battle for the starting spot. With both quarterbacks looking good early on in camp, it’s too soon to declare a winner. 

However, with an ambiguous quarterback situation, their ADPs have plummeted to QB35 (Bridgewater) and QB36 (Lock). They’re going back-to-back in ADP. If you’re looking to stack the Broncos offense now, I’d advise grabbing both QBs with the last two picks in your Underdog fantasy drafts. At some point in the season, both QBs will likely see the field–meaning you want both to reap the benefits of this potentially potent offense. Grab these two late and draft an elite QB option from another team early to ensure top-end production for your team at the position. 

Beyond the ambiguous quarterback situation, there are three skill players I’m currently targeting at their ADP valuation. 

Jerry Jeudy, Wide Receiver – Early in the offseason, I was pounding the table for Courtland Sutton to be the smash grab on the Broncos’ offense. I’ve become much more bearish on Sutton’s outlook for the 2021 season, with camp reports and tape showing that he is struggling mightily to return to form from the ACL tear he had last season. From my perspective, Jeudy is both a better value and better talent than Sutton for 2021. With an ADP of WR33 and 67.5 overall, Jeudy will be a smash value in the half-PPR format that Underdog Fantasy is. In half-PPR formats in 2020 as a rookie, Jeudy finished as the WR45 overall. While I believe Bridgewater will be better for Jeudy’s fantasy value as a possession receiver (see 2020 Robby Anderson) I think Jeudy is safe with either of the quarterback options. 

Melvin Gordon, Running Back –  The new, shiny running back in Denver is 2021 2nd round selection, Javonte Williams. While Williams is a very talented running back, this is still primarily Gordon’s backfield. Reports out of training camp are that Gordon is the obvious starter. The Broncos paid Gordon good money in 2020 free agency and want to get their money’s worth out of the investment. Williams is the future and Gordon is the present. Currently, Williams is being drafted as the RB23 and Gordon is being drafted as the RB39 on Underdog Fantasy. Remember that last year Gordon still finished as the RB14 overall. So, a borderline RB1 for fantasy is currently being taken as an RB4. This is a screaming value that you need to pounce on before he’s declared as the official starter in Week one. 

Noah Fant, Tight End – Noah Fant is one of the most talented and athletic tight ends in the entire league. He has unfortunately been held back by subpar QB play since entering the league in 2019. Last season, Fant finished as the TE10 overall in half-PPR formats. Fant only played in fourteen full games last year and was still a Top-10 fantasy tight end. Currently, Fant is being drafted as the TE9 and 105.4 overall on Underdog Fantasy. This is the definition of drafting a player at their floor and not their ceiling. Realistically, Fant has Top-5 upside at the position if his QB play is even at replacement level this year. I’m taking that gamble on Fant to pay off at his upside with how low his current ADP is. 

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