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Thursday Night Football Showdown Throwdown – ATL @ NO

JOEY’s Thursday Night Football Showdown Throwdown -Thanksgiving edition

Welcome back DFS Grinders and happy Thanksgiving. Remember to be thankful for everything we have in this world and don’t take anything for granted. Before you sit down with your families to eat remember to set your DFS lineups. We’ve been so close to taking down huge GPPs together it’s coming soon. We’ve got an amazing Thursday Night Football game tonight as 2 of the top offenses go head to head. Currently we have a 61 point game total with the Saints as a 12.5 point favorite.

Studs/ MVP Candidates

There’s a lot of studs to pay up for tonight just like on Monday. I will be adding my roster construction tips again here to some of these players. Remember it’s not always about the top plays it’s about how you construction you roster in the correct way to maximize its potential.

Alvin Kamara: This guy is the top overall play not on in this game but maybe of the entire day. It’s the Falcons and my number 1 rule is just play pass catching running backs against ATL. I could go back through all the running backs who have absolutely smashed but I’ll just mention his last game vs them: 15 catches and 124 yards with 66 yards on the ground. We could see him easily break the slate but you have to watch out for his running partner. I love pairing them together and several roster constructions for me so far have that.

Both QBs are extremely in play here. We have one of the highest scoring game totals this season and we saw what Mahomes and Goff just put up in a similar game total.

Matt Ryan: Ryan is in the better situation to accumulate more points. The Saints are one of the best teams in football against the run so Ryan will be forced to carry to reload here if they want to win this game. With the Falcons as 12.5 point underdogs there should be plenty of opportunities for Ryan to air the ball out tonight. Roster construction tip: I love pair both these Saints RBs with Matt Ryan and Falcons WRs game script should fit perfectly as the Saints try to run down the clock with this 2 headed monster of a backfield Ryan will be throwing the ball a ton to get back into the game.

Drew Brees: As good as these 2 running backs are and how I’ll be attacking this defense it doesn’t mean Brees can’t go off for 30+ points. Even if the RBs are scoring all the TDs Brees could have 3-4 passing TDs. Kamara is going to be able to get out into space very easily and get a ton of YAC leading to Brees potential to have a very sneaky high upside game. If not sure to the running backs the Saints have this guy named Michael Thomas who can break out at any point. He’s at the front of what could be the number 1 offense in the league.

Both WRs: after messing around with a bunch of roster constructions I’m really not finding the need to play both these guys. I do understand the play these guys are 2 of the best WRs in the game right now and could go off at any moment. I’m not saying they are bad plays but I’m not prioritizing them here. Roster Construction tip: When making a lineup with these guys they can be used as one offs for the offenses. There’s no reason to force salary by pairing them up with a QB, when they could handling a majority of the work load.

Middle Tier

Mark Ingram: He is in a similar spot as Kamara running backs destroy the falcons due to all their defensive injuries. Both of these RBs have extremely high upside tonight. I’m a huge fan of just playing both of these guys together. They could honestly end up with all the TDs for the Saints. I like Ingram I’m the CPT spot as well it opens up a good bit of salary.

Mahomad Sanu: I love attacking the Saints out of the slot. Last week targeting the slot against the Saints didn’t work out too well like it was hyped up to be because the Eagle got destroyed and just couldn’t get anything going. P.J. Williams is allowing some of the most yards in the league out of the slot. Let’s hope recency bias keeps people away. This is another one of my favorite CPT spots it opens up a ton of salary and he could be one if the best value plays on the board in a smash spot.


Again I’m avoiding defenses here, there is a 61 point game total but we see the Saints are a 12.5 point favorite which could mean the defense pulls through. I’m going to be avoiding them but I like the play for large field GPPs because the upside is there. The floor is just not what I want to gamble on.

kickers are completely in play here. I’m more likely to play kickers on DK over FD just because of how pricing is. Good games for kickers can be predicted by game total they should see a higher volume. Which anything over 60 has huge kicker upside at a really low price.

Cheap Tier

So TreQuan Smith is dealing with a foot injury so he could be sidelined or limited tonight this could lead to some nice value opening up in the New Orleans passing game. Whether we get Smith active or inactive I still like rostering guys like Austin Carr or Keith Kirkwood. As we saw with Sammy Watkins active doesn’t always mean they are playing a ton of snaps. We could get a huge edge playing these guys with Smith active. Kirkwood would be my play over Carr.

Ito Smith: I’m adding him not because of the matchup but because of the TD vulture skills. We’ve seen chalk Tevin Coleman owners get tilted on multiple occasions by Ito. I wonder if we are going to see it again here in this matchup.

My $200 punt is Marvin Hall. He doesn’t play a ton of snaps but when he does it’s out of the slot. As mentioned earlier in my Sanu section the slot is where I want to target the Saints. Hall doesn’t need a ton of points to pay if his salary just a couple catches. I’ve messed around with him in the CPT spot and hammering the studs which is a strategy I’ve used in the past. Its not my favorite roster construction on the slate but if you are making a bunch of lineups I think it has sneaky upside.



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