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Ricky’s StableDuel Strategy – Assiniboia 7/4

Happy Fourth of July, Karma readers! It’s only fitting that on America’s holiday, we play.. Canadian horses? That’s right! StableDuel features Assiniboia Downs allllll the way in Manitoba. We have a $2,000 contest as well as a FREE RIDE. It literally costs $0 to play and you can real win money! There is NO BETTER TIME than NOW to SIGN UP!

If you’re new to StableDuel, the idea is simple. Select 10 horses to build your stable while staying within the salary cap of $50,000. Horses are assigned prices based on their morning line odds, so you cannot use all favorites in your stable. StableDuel awards points for horses that come 1st – 5th and subtracts horses that finish outside of the top 5. This is why it is crucial to make sure you’re reading our content to narrow in on value horses that we think can get points.

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High Price Favorites

#2 Favorite $10,000 – Race 4
Fitting name for the most expensive horse on the entire 7 race card. While I almost always preface with saying I am not a fan of maiden races, this horse is the best of the ones that have raced. Her price is indicative of her four 2nd place finishes in 8 tries. Excusing her debut race where she tossed the jockey, she has never failed to finish in the “StableDuel money”. While I will use her, I think including a first timer for value to pair is smart on such a small card.

Mid Price Plays

#4 Thrill of the Nite $3,000 – Race 5
There’s a slight chance that Thrill of the Nite will get tangled up in a speed duel with the morning line favorite. Previously when the favorite has been challenged, that horse has completely fell apart each time. The mystery is that Thrill of the Nite has only ran once (and won vs the $10,000 horse above I just mentioned!). If that race wasn’t a fluke, we may just see nice odds win this race. If both horses fall apart, it opens the door for long-shots such as the 3 or 6.

Value Plays

#1 The Naked Truth $750 – Race 3
I don’t know much about this first time starter racing against winners, but Shelley Brown usually picks good spots for their horses. The 6 in this race scratched, so automatically you are at least given 10 base points for a 5th place finish. If this horse is as good as Shelley seems to think, 12/1 odds in this field will be nice relief in a field where the other 4 horses have raced at least twice. 3 of them have at least won one while they all have finished in the money, besides The Naked Truth.

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