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Anthony Carson

CEO & Founder

Started off playing high stakes DFS in 2014 as a hobby and quickly saw an opportunity to deliver a blueprint and vision to make researching in the predictive analytics market for Daily Fantasy Sports and Sportsbetting, easier and more user friendly. The concept turned into more than just content / podcasts / livestreams / cheat sheets / proprietary algorithms that make projection tools and data more understandable to marketspace. A community was formed by accident as hundreds of members have migrated to our Discord chat to talk with our experts and analyst 24/7.


Trevis Waters


I had quite the interesting journey to DFS Karma. Throughout my schooling (including college) and every year ever since, I have been in the entertainment industry, spending most of my career hosting shows for Nickelodeon such as Double Dare Live. Published a few “how to” books on Fantasy Football and Fantasy Baseball back in 2011, ran with that, created Mr. Fantasy Guru, and used that platform to collaborate with Anthony roughly 4 years ago. Took that relationship and grew it to the point where it is now, which is making sure Anthony doesn’t break anything on a daily basis.


Ben Hossler

Lead Analyst


Justin Bales

ALL Sports Analyst


Sam Scherman

PGA/NFL Analyst/Projections Lead