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2019 French Open – Manav’s Tweener (Day 1)

2019 French Open

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Manav’s French Open Day 1 Tweener

High End

Hugo Dellien – $9600

Hugo will probably be chalky as he has an easy first round matchup with Gunny and should take it in straight sets. He has played a lot of matches in the past couple of weeks on clay and almost beat Zverev last week. He is my high salary ???? of the day.

Jennifer Brady – $8400

This is a huge misprice. She has been playing very well on clay and her opponent hasn’t won a top draw match in over a year. Gonna ride the ???? on this one and play her so I can spend up somewhere else.

L. Siegemund $8,800

This girl can flat out hit her forehand like no other. Her backhand is kinda weak, but her strong forehand will be more than enough to relinquish her opponent. Straight sets dub right here, easily.

Low End

Katheryn Kozlova – $6600

The Ukrainian superstar is playing out of her mind this season on clay. She beat Halep a week ago! That’s all that you need to lock this pick in. She also has improved her serve immensely and is working on her volley game too. She is the only person I trust in this low priced range. Here is your low salary stud of the slate!

Trap of the Day

Venus Williams $6200

Everyone knows the Williams sister and will probably see this pick and flock to her to save money. There is a reason for this price range she is gonna get destroyed by Svitolina. Don’t fall for the trap and just fade, there are far better options elsewhere such as Kozlova which I mentioned earlier!



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