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MLB Jock MKT Plays (6/29/22)

Jock MKT is fun new way to play DFS. In this article, I’ll break down what Jock MKT is and my favorite MLB buys for tonight’s slate. 


What Is Jock MKT? 

The simplest way to outline this is daily fantasy sports meets the stock market. You’ll purchase shares of players for varying amounts, depending on how much others are willing to pay for them during the IPO. Once the Live Trading starts, you can buy players that others want to sell or sell your players during the game. Once all of the games have ended, you will receive money based on how well your player performs compared to the field on the Jock MKT app for the night. 

You can find more detailed information on this fresh way to play DFS here

6/29/22 Early Buy

Giancarlo Stanton, New York Yankees

Potential Bid: $6.00

Break-Even Point: 28th

If you’re new to Jock MKT, you may be struggling to read what’s listed below the Smith recommendation. Essentially, I’m willing to spend up to $6.00 per share for him. He needs to finish 28th in the field for me to make my money back with the opportunity for me to make more if he finishes higher.

For example, if I buy 1 share of Smith at $6.00 and he finishes 28th in this field, I make my $6.00 back. If he finishes 1st, I win $25 (profit $19.00). If he finishes last, I win $1 (lose $5.00). It’s that simple.

REMINDER: If you’re new to Jock MKT — sign up using code KARMA for a 100% deposit bonus. 

I’ve written up Stanton a few times in the last two weeks and I’m going back to him today against Cole Irvin. Stanton is not as dominant as he once was against left-handed pitching, but his .220 ISO and 48% hard-hit rate in the split this season is nothing to take lightly. Irvin is much worse vs righties than lefties, and righty power is exactly where we want to target him, as he’s allowing a .190 ISO this season. His most-used pitch is his sinker, which is great news for Stanton. Since the start of 2020, we are looking at a .485 wOBA and .522 ISO vs sinkers for Stanton…truly mesmerizing numbers. We know he has the power upside, and I think this is a great individual spot for him.

Late Buy

Kyle Schwarber, Philadelphia Phillies

Potential Bid: $5.50

Break-Even Point: 31st

Schwarber has historically been a pretty streaky hitter, and that homerun last night might be a sign of things to come in the near future. For starters, the Phillies run total is up half a run since open and it could continue to climb throughout the day. It’s hot in Philly again today, with 10+ mph winds blowing straight out to center field giving a further boost to the batters. Kyle Wright is a good pitcher, but Schwarber has some incredible numbers against righties this season including a .321 ISO. Wright also relies on his sinker against lefties — a pitch that Schwarber owns a .382 ISO and 59% hard-hit rate against. He is one of my favorite homerun picks tonight, and he owns a career 101 average exit velocity off Wright albeit a small sample size.

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