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MLB Jock MKT Plays (7/13/22)

Jock MKT is fun new way to play DFS. In this article, I’ll break down what Jock MKT is and my favorite MLB buys for tonight’s slate. 


What Is Jock MKT? 

The simplest way to outline this is daily fantasy sports meets the stock market. You’ll purchase shares of players for varying amounts, depending on how much others are willing to pay for them during the IPO. Once the Live Trading starts, you can buy players that others want to sell or sell your players during the game. Once all of the games have ended, you will receive money based on how well your player performs compared to the field on the Jock MKT app for the night. 

You can find more detailed information on this fresh way to play DFS here

7/13/22 Top Play

Aaron Judge, New York Yankees

Projected Rank: 5th

Example: If I buy 1 share of Judge at $9.00 and he finishes 14th in this field, I make my $9.00 back. If he finishes 1st, I win $25 (profit $16.00). If he finishes last, I win $1 (lose $8.00). It’s that simple.

REMINDER: If you’re new to Jock MKT — sign up using code KARMA for a 100% deposit bonus. 

I try not to write-up super obvious plays daily, but there’s no way I can ignore Aaron Judge tonight. Despite not being in Coors Field, the Yankees are tied with the Padres for the highest team total on the board tonight at six runs. We know that Aaron Judge is a dominant hitter against left-handed pitching, but Mike Minor has been horrific against right-handed pitching. When I say horrific, I mean he might be the worst pitcher in baseball against righties. He’s allowing a massive .420 wOBA and .350 ISO. The cherry on top is he is a heavy fastball pitcher, and Aaron Judge might be the best fastball hitter in baseball. Since the start of 2019, we are looking at a .479 wOBA and .477 ISO against the pitch. He has the highest ceiling on this slate in my opinion and is the top buy.

Secondary Play

Seth Brown, Oakland Athletics

Projected Rank: 72nd

I typically don’t write up Oakland A’s players, but this is a great spot for Brown tonight at what should be a very cheap acquisition cost. Jon Gray has been good for the Texas Rangers this season, but he is worse against left-handed hitters as opposed to righties. Oakland doesn’t have a lot of good hitters, but Brown’s .204 ISO does sit atop the entire roster this season. More importantly, Brown is the best fastball hitter on the team with a .535 expected wOBA and a .278 ISO against the pitch. This is important, because Gray throws his heater over 50% of the time to lefties. This is a great opportunity to get a power bat for very cheap on Wednesday night.

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