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Frosty’s Yahoo Picks – NBA Cash Game Plays for 12/31/18

Where has 2018 gone! Hope everyone has a safe and profitable New Years Eve. As for myself, I will be staying home and enjoying some good basketball games with some really good spots to attack the DFS slate. Speaking about DFS, If you guys have not seen what Yahoo has been doing, they are investing a ton of money on their DFS platform and providing tons of overlay on NBA and NFL. If you don’t have an account I suggest you create one ASAP using the following link:

Point Guard

Top: The top Point Guard play today is triple double machine Russell Westbrook $52 against the Mavericks. Mavs and Thunder played last night and Russ had 44.8 yahoo points despite scoring only 9 real life points. While he will probably not have six steals again, he will not score 9 points either. Right after the game, Russ put on IG a picture saying ‘to blessed to be stressed.’ If you have followed Russ career, you would know that Angry Russ is the best DFS player in the world. Expecting a massive game with low ownership. If you want to save some money, Curry is almost a lock for 50 yahoo points for $43 against Phoenix. 

Middle: With the uncertainty of Abrines and Ferguson, the Thunder have been relying a lot on Dennis Schroeder $18 as a second combo guard to Russ. He has been scoring over 30 yahoo points in the last three and he is almost a lock for another 30 point night. 

Value: This is where you will find me for suuuuuuure in cash games. Both Tyus Jones and Austin Rivers are min priced despite getting massive minutes and usage bumps. If Rose and/or Teague are ruled in (very doubtful) I will most likely be off Tyus. Rivers gets an even bigger bump with Gordon being ruled out. 

Shooting Guard

Top: This is getting silly now. James Harden usage was already at around 50%, with Gordon out it could increase even more. That is just absurd. When I started digging into the slate, my first thought was, is this the slate where we finally fade him? I quickly realized the answer is a big and resound NO. Even if the Rockets only score 80 points against the Grizzlies, it is almost a guarantee that Harden will have 30-35 of those raw points. I do see a build where you fade him to play Russ or AD instead. If you are not playing Harden, I would spend down rather than playing Jrue or a doubtful Booker. 

Middle: Another solid reason to pay up for Harden is because this position gets pretty ugly really fast. In the middle of the value we find Klay $25 and Wiggins $19. While I do not love playing either of them, I would lean Wiggins in GPP’s and just pray that he has his random explosion game, or that Klay scores 50 raw points. Neither of them cash options in my opinion, just pay up for Harden.

Value: In the value section there are two plays that I could strongly consider if I am going the fade Harden Route. Both Gerald Green and Okogie are $10 and they should get a massive bump thanks to all the injuries on their teams. 

Small Forward

Top: Remember when Paul George was only playable when Russ was out? PG-13 has taken the scoring lead for the Thunder and he has been amazing doing it. He is the most expensive SF at $49 but he can rack up peripherals like the best of them. For one dollar less you could strongly consider Kevin Durant as well.

Note: As I finished writing the article, Rudy Gay was ruled out which gives a bump to DDR. While I still prefer PG13 and KD, DDR is very viable if you need some savings.

Middle: Can you imagine trading out of the Luka Doncic pick? Oh my, Luka is just the best. He is so much fun to watch, he can score really well, he can dominate the game without scoring, and he is only $34. While I might be biased because we both love Overwatch, Luka is strongly in consideration every single game. If you want a cheaper pivot, consider Covington who would play 60 minutes if it was possible.

ValueMikal Bridges $12 is a very solid option for his price, especially if Booker is ruled out. He is somewhat of a hit or miss play but he will definitely play big minutes. 

Power Forward

TopJulius Randle $36 is the most expensive PF of the day. I am unsure on him as a cash play, but he makes a nice leverage pivot off AD for huge savings. 

Middle: Jeremy Grant and Harrison Barnes are the exact same price at $20. While I love the upside of Grant’s blocks + rebounds, Harrison could light up the scoreboard. I consider Grant more cash viable while Barnes is more GPP viable.

Value: Since PF is not the greatest today, I was very happy to see PJ Tucker for $12 today. While he is not going to get you 50, he has a very solid and steady floor and should get more shots with Gordon ruled out. I am hoping he gets a lot of open 3’s because Memphis will probably double team Harden. 


Top: I will not be paying for Anthony Davis today. I am not sure if it is because I would much rather play Harden and Westbrook or because I have AD fatigue, or because my heart can’t handle another ‘AD to the locker room’ tweet. (Watch he will put 100 Yahoo points tonight). However; I do very much like Karl-Anthony Towns for $42 on the other side of the game, a $16 discount. 

MiddleMarc Gasol $31 is one of my favorite ‘underrated players you love to watch.’ The Grizzlies are not trying to get on a run-and-shoot matchup against the Rockets. I could totally see the Grizzlies throwing the ball to Gasol on the post and letting him take the air out of the ball. Love him today for a $27 discount off AD! 

Value: I am not sure if there is a near-minimum Center I love today (the cheapest C is Horford $21 and then drops to $10), but some savings off Gasol we have DeAndre Jordan and Steven Adams at $28 and $27. While DeAndre got the best of Adams yesterday, I believe today the pendulum swings and Adams outscores DJ. 

If you find any of the advice helpful or they help you win any money please follow me on Twitter @FrostyDFS and send me tweets, or screenshots. I love interacting! Also, if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions please let me know!


Written by Frosty (Follow @FrostyDFS on Twitter)

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