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Joeys Monkey Knife Fight Plays Monday May 6th

Welcome back to my Monkey Knife Fight Article.


Kawhi over scoring prop: The line was set at 32.5 and he ended up with 39 and Is looking like the best player of the playoffs right next to Durant.


Play of the Day

Kevin Durant OVER 32.5 scoring prop: He has a chance to take a 3-1 on the Rockets. Durant has had an amazing playoffs since the loss Boogie Cousins. Durant is the highest scoring player in the Playoffs averaging 35.6 PPG. I will continue to pound the over on him in this series. Curry has taken a way back seat to Durant. It was obvious after the end of last game when he missed back to back Layups/Dunks he just isn’t himself and Durant is the one to carry this team.

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