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NBA DFS Game Theory – 11/6/19

Guards Forwards
Centers Game Stacks
M. Brogdon Giannis A.   K. Towns Grizzlies/Twolves
B. Brown M. Harkless  A. Drummond Clippers/Bucks
Luka Doncic P. Siakam B. Lopez Rockets/GSW
L. Williams M. Harrell T. Bryant Kings/Raptors
J. Morant J. Okogie A. Len 76ers/Utah


*If you don’t already play 3 lineups and 3 max entry contests daily, try using the teams provided in the stacks above to maximize upside and correlation in your NBA lineups.



Updates to come to this section as we approach lock so continue to check back for more insight.

  • Finally! A much better slate. There are still some obvious plays BUT so many routes to go to in GPP. The first decision to be made is to play KAT or Drummond? (Or honestly maybe both). I am leaning pretty strongly towards KAT.
  • As far as game stacks, I absolutely love the Raptors @ Kings game as súper sneaky with really low ownership. Start with Spicy P 100%.
  • The game I’ll have the most shares of is the clippers v bucks. I want to have a clippers stack and to run it back I may have just Giannis. ABC should be the highest scorer in the game and I am hoping he gets plenty of minutes at the 5 against the smaller (but extremely deep) clippers. Must plays – Sweet Lou and ABC.
  •  My favorite one offs for gpps are Ja Morant and Luka Doncic. Ja is a certified stud. He has a huge ceiling and his team plays freaking fast!!! Yes please. He should be seeing decent minutes against whoever plays PG and Wiggins… yes please! Luka is a viable play every slate. I believe he will he less popular due to the chalky ABC and expensive C. The magic are a decent defensive team but with all the peripherals he gets it doesn’t matter.
  • As far as fades, I will NOT play anyone from the jazz game. I have a rule to never  roster players from (or playing against) the Jazz, Nuggets, or Spurs.
  • Next, I am going to be focused on exposing myself to high total games with tight spreads when stacking in GPPs.
    • One of the most underrated parts of NBA DFS is game stacking.  The amount of times game stacks are utilized compared to the number of overtimes we see in the NBA is extremely underutilized.

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