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NBA Jock MKT Play (3/13/22)

Jock MKT is fun new way to play DFS. In this article, I’ll break down what Jock MKT is and my favorite NBA buy for tonight’s slate. 


What Is Jock MKT? 

The simplest way to outline this is daily fantasy sports meets the stock market. You’ll purchase shares of players for varying amounts, depending on how much others are willing to pay for them during the IPO. Once the Live Trading starts, you can buy players that others want to sell or sell your players during the game. Once all of the games have ended, you will receive money based on how well your player performs compared to the field on the Jock MKT app for the night. 

You can find more detailed information on this fresh way to play DFS here


3/13/22 Top Buy

Devonte’ Graham, PG, New Orleans Pelicans

Highest Potential Bid: $9.00

Break-Even Point: 14th

If you’re new to Jock MKT, you may be struggling to read what’s listed below the Graham recommendation. Essentially, I’m willing to spend up to $9.00 per share for him. He needs to finish 14nd in the field for me to make my money back with the opportunity for me to make more if he finishes higher.

For example, if I buy 1 share of Graham at $9.00 and he finishes 14th in this field, I make my $9.00 back. If he finishes 1st, I win $25 (profit $16). If he finishes last, I win $1 (lose $9.00). It’s that simple.

New Orleans will once again be without CJ McCollum and Brandon Ingram on Sunday, presenting value in the remaining Pelicans starters. Graham is coming off a 40 fantasy point performance — and averages over 1.1 fantasy points per minute with the aforementioned stars off the floor. Not only did he perform well in that last game, but he logged 34 minutes despite his team losing by over 20 points. He played a full rotation in the fourth quarter despite the blowout, which should give us confidence in his workload regardless of the game outcome. New Orleans are installed as 6.5 point favorites against the Houston Rockets tonight. This is essentially the best possible match-up in fantasy basketball in its current state.

Graham ranks 17th in Jock MKT’s pre-rank for tonight’s games, despite ranking top-ten in both projection and ceiling per our projections portal. It’s a smaller slate, so his raw ceiling is closer to some of the guys at the top and even an average game can provide a profitable night at $9-$9.50.

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