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Breeders Cup 2019 Saturday Cheat Sheet

We finally made it. Breeders Cup day. This is our Superbowl, World Series, Stanley Cup, etc. The top horses on their respective surfaces and distances will all line up to become champions. While yesterday was for the babies, today is for 3-year-olds and up. Starting at 1:07 pm est, we have twelve races lined up for today. Breeders Cup races start in race 4, but I will share quick notes and picks for all twelve races.

Race 1

8 should be your winner in this race. I’m not overly confident enough to single this one. I like 3, 4 and 9 to also factor. I will be betting a couple of different ways in this one. Exacta box – 3,4,8,9 (But be warned if it comes 8/4, there’s a chance to lose money, which is why I am also betting…) Trifecta 3,4,8/3,4,8,9/2,3,4,8,9

Race 2

Super tiny field of 5, but I was pumped to see Roadster back in action. I think it’s hard to judge if Roadster is ready to really take on these horses. My gun to head pick is Flagstaff (#4) winning outright. Follow that up with Roadster (#3) and Comical Ghost (#5).

Race 3

A huge field of 13. With no real favorite, I think this race is wide open. But I do see value in Henley’s Joy (#11) at 10/1. This is a horse that, at it’s best can win the race. The last start for Henley’s Joy was a photo finish across 3 horses, including Neptunes Storm (#8) that got the win. It’s risky, so I’d do a cheap exacta box here – 8, 9, 10, 11.

Race 4

Covfefe (#1) is a horse I’ve been high on since she started racing. I’m hoping there’s not another Dennis’ Moment issue here as Covfefe has not run at Santa Anita before and the deep dirt will trick horses. The top competitor to her is Come Dancing (#4). You have to take a stand which horse you like more. I will be placing Win bets on Covfefe, but only what makes sense if the odds are getting out of hand. Exacta – 1/4,6,9 (if you like come dancing more, flip the 1 and 4, or make both bets!)

Race 5

Extremely wide-open race. I like the 2 here. This race is probably one that you should skip, but if you can’t stop yourself, you’ll have to go very heavy. The payoff could be there. 2,4,10/1,2,3,4,6,10 is a play I sort of like.

Race 6

Improbable (#2) and Omaha Beach (#5) will be your favorites when the race goes off. I tend to give the edge to Improbable in this one, but I’m also pretty high on a 6-1 shot in Spun To Run (#3). We’ve seen Spun To Run in some pretty nice spots and finish well. Small w/p/s on the 3, Exacta or Tri play of 2,3,5/2,3,5/2,3,4,5,7

Race 7

Sistercharlie (#2) is the top choice in this race. The horse’s rabbit, Thais (#6) was scratched from the race, which will make things tougher. If you are looking to beat the 2, look towards 7 and 3. Win $20 – 2, Exacta 2/3,7 and 3,7/2.

Race 8

This is going to be the ultimate speed test. Insane speed in this race. There is a question if the speed horses can go the distance, but I feel like yes. The easiest way to solve this is having Mitole (#4), Shancelot (#6) and Imperial Hint (#9) in a box exacta. Also, I’ll say it again: I hate Hog Creek Hustle and still think he’s a fraud.

Race 9

Big race with lots of Europeans. I tend to like Uni (#11) at 7/2. I’ll end up using Got Stormy (#6) and Circus Maximus (#9) as well. For a longer shot, I like Lucullan (#2). Go small if betting this one.

Race 10

Midnight Bisou (#4)is my top horse of the day. While this will be her toughest task, she has always ridden well. Under her, you have to use the 1,5,9 and 11. I’m not high on Secret Spice (#7) but some of my counterparts are. Exacta or Trifecta play – 4/1,5,9,11/1,5,9,11. Also will be putting $10 Win on 4.

Race 11

Bricks and Mortar (#9) is one of the top turf horses running today. I LOVE this horse to win. To find value, you have to look towards the 4, 7 and 12. Bricks will be my bet because he is the best horse in this race. 9 on top of 4,5,12. If you go deeper, use the 7 for 3rd place.

Race 12

The Breeders Cup Classic. This is for top horses and one of the biggest honors if you can win this race. McKinzie (#8) is the favorite and must be used on top. Vino Rosso (#10) is my top choice and will be used on top with McKinzie. It’s tough to find a scenario that either of those two lose, but you know everyone will bet Code Of Honor (#11). I continue to think Code Of Honor is not that good, but I won’t fault you if you also use him. I think he has a shot to get second or third. Elate (#6) would need too many things to go right to win against the boys. I might throw a few bucks on her in a separate stand-alone bet. Yoshida (#5) has always factored in big races.
Win / Place – 10
Superfecta – 8,10/8,10,11/5,6,8,10,11/2,3,5,6,8,10,11

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