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Hockey (NHL)


While DFS Karma capture the biggest sport events on the field and court, we also cover the ice like no other source can. DFS Karma takes its hockey division seriously, studying every aspect of the players’ actions and putting it into numbers. Joining DFS Karma means you’ll be part of the team, and NHL is part of our research. DFS Karma owns the ice with up to date articles in the biggest news in hockey. We spend ours of every sport with in depth talks about the players’ strengths and weaknesses. Fantasy sports allows sports fanatics to put their knowledge and interest to good use. Share ideas, suggestions, and expectations with the team and hear from us as well. We make it simple to make your betting decisions and put your current knowledge to use. Get access to real NHL players scores and gain insight into their strengths and weaknesses.


Fantasy hockey continues to grow and find it’s place with new fans and fan groups. We predict and compare both hockey teams and players. With the knowledge of the DFS Karma team, you can bet confidently and establish your personal NHL favorites. No other organization puts more thought and concentration on this virtual sport. With professional insight, group talks, and cutting edge analysis, DFS Karma is top level. Let us relieve your fantasy sports decision stress by giving you the clearest insights available. With the largest database in fantasy sports insights, we can ensure you feel comfortable with your predictions. Put yourself in the center of the knowledge and calculations of DFS Karma. Our articles in hockey and all other sports and also kept very up to date. The fantasy hockey fanbase is increasing, and with it, DFS Karma keeps up to date and makes you part of the team.