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DFS 101

League of Legends Basics – A Guide to DFS

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With the recent postponements of practically every sport there has been a major influx in people wanting to learn the ways of League of Legends DFS.


Basics of LoL

League of Legends is a 5v5 MOBA (Multiplayer online battle arena) game that includes a TOP, JUNGLE, and MID Lane with the “Bot Lane” being the SUPPORT and ADC Role. First thing to know is that the Mid and ADC role are typically the highest ceiling players you can roster. Before a match is started, they will go through a draft of champions, different players all have different “champion pools” which is the champions a player is typically more advanced and familiar with. Knowing different players champion pools could help you out in the long run because certain champions have higher upside for kills/assists due to their damage output and how aggressive you can play that champion.


Fantasy Scoring for Players and Teams

Guide to LoL DFS

Remember how I said earlier that the MID and ADC role are typically your highest ceiling players? When you’re filling your roster out you will have to pick someone for your captain spot, they earn 1.5x fantasy points. When you have a MID/ADC in the captain spot you are giving yourself the best upside to have the highest scoring player. The reason for that is MID/ADC are played with the champions that have the highest damage output giving them more of a role known for a high KDA (Kill/Death/Assist ratio). Team stacking in roster construction is crucial, As the game goes on champions will become stronger and teams can start to snowball which means if you did a 4-man stack on Team A and they are just smashing Team B then that would mean Team A has champions at a higher level with more gold to buy items that increase your stats in game.

The American and European leagues (LCS and LEC) play one game matches and China and Korea (LPL and LCK) play a best of three series. When playing cash games in the LCS and LEC its very important you don’t take risks and you stack the favorites. In the LPL and LCK you can potentially play 3 games in one match meaning you could roster a player on the losing team, but they could score more then a player on a winning team. However, if you know a team will win 2-0, they will get a bonus of +20 fantasy points for winning that match flawlessly, the TEAM spot will get +15 so keep that in mind. A very popular and successful strategy is taking 4 players from a team that should get a lot of kills which translate into assists for the other players on that team. Good luck and enjoy the thrill of eSports!

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