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Joey’s Super Bowl Showdown Throwdown

Joey’s Superbowl Showdown Throwdown

Welcome back DFS Grinders we have our final edition of my Showdown Throwdown article. It’s been a fun ride this season and I hope to finish the season off strong with a takedown. I know you are all upset we’ve got to watch another Patriots Superbowl but it is what it is and we’ve got to just appreciate Brady’s ability to do this year in and out. I know we all wanted that Chiefs Rams 100 point total rematch. Lets make this a Superbowl to remember and win some cash! I’m switching up the way a write my article this week and have a breakdown of every position hope y’all like i this way.

Its still early so make sure to check back in on the article just Incase we get new news that changes up the slate. Due to injury or coaches comments.

Vegas Insight: 56 point game total with the Patriots a 2.5 point favorite. Interesting note the line opened up with the Rams as the favorite and everyone hammered the Patriots in 20 minutes the Patriots were now the favorite.

Weather: It’s still early but it looks like a chance of rain to start the game with temperatures hovering around 60.


Tom Brady: I’ll highlight this a couple times but the Patriots offensive line has been amazing this postseason. They have not allowed a sack all postseason. Which is crazy considering they played 2 of the best pass rushing defensive lines in the league. We know how great Donald can be but the Patriots should be able to double him up and let the others try to control the game. The Rams have big names on the line but really haven’t preformed to what they should with Donald drawing all the attention. If the Line can controlcthe game again Brady should be able to slow this game down and win on his terms.

Jared Goff: At his price I think he’s a fade unless it’s for a correlation stack. He’s not a one off guy for me. Patriots have been one of the worst teams at rushing the QB all season but then we get to the Playoffs and they become one of the best. Goff has not been good under pressure once Cooper Kupp tore his ACL. Patriots were able to get pressure on both Rivers and Mahomes. The Rams have one of the best Offensive lines in the league so this game will come down to whoever can control the trenches. I actually like the under in this game so I don’t think Goff will have the opportunities to score a ton in this game.

Rankings: Brady, Goff

In cash games it’s always good to stack both QBs due to the highest floors. Especially in a game total like this. I think you can get away with fading Goff on FD in cash. DK I think he’s still cheap enough to get away with.

Running Backs

Sony Michel: Michel a rookie has had one of the best post season performances for a running back in NFL history. He has 2 of his best performances of the season in both of his postseason games. They have really relied on the running game to win games. Michel has 5 and Rex has 3 TDs. If Sony starts off hot then they will continue to feed the hot hand and slow this game down and win in 6 possessions. Positive game script should be in his favor as well.

James White: It’s playoff James White. There’s nothing better than watching Brady dump the ball off to White all game and the defense has no answer for it. He’s one of 5 players to record 3 TDs in a Super Bowl all time. He led the team in targets in the DR with 17 then was third in targets behind Edelman and Hogan with 6.

Todd Gurley: Gurley has taken a back seat to Anderson as he’s been fully recovering. We could easily see low ownership on Gurley due to decency bias. Gurley is fully healthy but ran the ball poorly which we saw Anderson take the rains. As much as “RBs don’t matter” they need Gurley to play his best to win this game. Gurley had a rough game catching the ball but still did great in the passing game with blocking. Even with Anderson cutting into his work Gurley will still be the main passing back for this team. The linebackers for the Patriots gave up a ton to Williams last week and that’s a great place to expose the Patriots.

CJ Anderson: He’s been one of the great story lines this post season. Another example why RBs don’t matter and hurting Bells value. These Rams running backs will be tough to predict this Sunday I would lean them more in a GPP setting than cash due to the unpredictability on snaps the floor scares me if they completely go away from Anderson and back to 80-90% Gurley the touchdown machine.

Rankings: Michel, White, Gurley, Anderson Based on value not Raw points.

Wide Receivers

Brandon Cooks: Revenge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We saw Cooks capitalize last week, but this is the Patriots. They love to double team the best WR then put their best all pro CB (Gilmore) on the number 2. If you believe in revenge like myself I’ll have him in my lineups, but if you don’t then it’s a tough spot for him being double covered just like Hill was last year, which is why I faded Hill in the conference game. Who only got 1 catch for 42 yards.

Robert Woods: Gilmore follows teams number 2 after doubling the number one. This is possible when you have an all pro corner. Not my favorite play but he does provide a great catch floor that makes I’m better for cash than Cooks.

Josh Reynolds: With all the attention going towards the 2 studs Cooks and Woods, Reynolds could easily go over overlooked. He was a big part of the offense last week and gets similar snaps to the rest of the WRs with the Rams running the most 3WR sets.

Julien Edelman: So He’s definitely high priced where you really have to think about it but he’s been Brady’s go to guy all postseason recording 2 double digit target games and in 5 out of his last 6 games now that Gordon is gone he has become a true elite WR1. If this game stays low scoring he could easily outscore both QBs.

Chris Hogan: He’s still wayyyyyy too cheap. DK:3.8k, FD: 7.5k. He will be a staple in all my lineups. Since Gordon stepped away from football Hogan has ran a route on almost every drop back Brady has had. At this price in such a high game total there’s no reason not to have him in your main lineup and a majority of your MME lineups.

Rankings: Edelman, Cooks, Hogan, Woods, Reynolds. Based on value not raw points.

Tight Ends

Rob Gronkowski: This might be his last game of his career. I’m hoping to see a huge farewell game out of him. He’s come up huge in the playoffs with key catches down the stretch of these playoff games. He still is on the field running routes a majority of the game so he should be due for regression back to the mean.

Gerald Everett: I usually lean towards Everett over Higbee. He’s not on the field as much as Higbee snap wise but his percentage of snaps to routes run is what makes me love him. He has seen those high ceiling games. If the Patriots are able to take cooks and Woods out of the game he could be a great one off option for the Rams with a Patriots stack.

Tyler Higabee: He’s more of the secondary option more of a wildcard for me. I could see him culturing a TD but only with 2 catches and 10 yards. His ceiling just isn’t as high as Everett in my opinion.

Rankings: Gronk, Everett, Higbee

Monkey Knife Fight Props

Props subject to change so make sure you get in on the props as quickly as possible.

These are my current cash props. There’s not a lot on inviting props for cash right now. I’ll update if anything else opens up.

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