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Justin Herbert $8400

Mike Williams $6600

Josh Palmer $4900

Davante Adams $8500

Darren Waller $7000

(5 players: $35,400 commitment)

I have a hard time seeing this game being a low-scoring affair. Both coaches will bring their high-powered offenses into this one and want to see where they stack up. Josh Palmer at $4900 is a roll-the-dice play that could pay off handsomely.

Jalen Hurts $8000

A.J. Brown $7100

DeVonta Smith $6100

D’Andre Swift $7600

T.J. Hockenson $5700

(5 players: $34,500 commitment)

My take on this game is that it could get into a back-and-forth shoot-out. The Eagles’ defense in the past has been vulnerable to pass-catchers out of the backfield and the TE position. The Eagles will likely feature A.J. Brown and DeVonta Smith early and often.

Lamar Jackson $8500

Mark Andrews $7900

Rashod Bateman $6100

Elijah Moore $6000

(4 players: $28,500 commitment)

The Ravens come out hot to begin the season. If the Ravens’ passing game is featured more than expected, a trio of Jackson/Andrews/Bateman could prove valuable. The Jets will be chasing, and many garbage points will be available to Elijah Moore.

Patrick Mahomes $8700

Travis Kelce $8000

JuJu Smith-Schuster $6400

Marquise Brown $6900

(4 players: $30,000 commitment)

Patrick Mahomes will likely lean on Travis Kelce early as he gets more comfortable with his new pass-catchers. As the game continues, I expect JuJu Smith-Schusters’ role in the offense to grow.

Trey Lance $7500

George Kittle $6100

Brandon Aiyuk $5600

Darnell Mooney $6200

(4 players: $25,400 commitment)

Deebo Samuels’ $8400 price tag is cost-prohibitive versus Brandon Aiyuk’s, which is almost $3000 cheaper. I would lean a Lance/Aiyuk/Kittle stack to give you more room to add some high-upside plays to fill out the remainder of your lineup. (To be clear: If you can afford Deebo Samuel in your 49ers stack, by all means, make the call.)


Lamar Jackson- Ravens: $8500 at Jets
Patrick Mahomes- Chiefs: $8700 at Cardinals
Justin Herbert- Chargers: $8400 vs. Raiders
Kyler Murray- Cardinals: $8200 vs. Chiefs
Jalen Hurts- Eagles: $8000 at Lions
Joe Burrow- Bengals: $7700 vs. Steelers
Trey Lance- 49ers: $7500 at Bears
Kirk Cousins- Vikings: $7300 vs. Packers
Derek Carr- Raiders: $7400 at Chargers
Daniel Jones- Giants: $7100 at Titans

Lamar Jackson is my prediction for MVP in 2022, and I expect him to get the season off with a bang. The Jets’ defense was horrendous last season. I expect the Jets to make strides in 2022, but the Ravens are a nightmare match-up for your opener. Patrick Mahomes will have the Chiefs’ air-raid attack rolling on all cylinders in the opener. Anticipate fireworks in the Chiefs/Cardinals game. The Raiders’ secondary will have no answers for Justin Herbert and the Chargers’ high-octane passing attack.


D’Andre Swift- Lions: $7600 vs. Eagles
Aaron Jones- Packers: $7400 vs. Vikings
Alvin Kamara- Saints: $8500 at Falcons
Najee Harris- Steelers: $8200 at Bengals
J.K. Dobbins- Ravens: $6900 at Jets
Joe Mixon- Bengals: $8300 vs. Steelers
Christian McCaffrey- Panthers: $9500 vs. Browns
Jonathan Taylor- Colts: $10200 at Texans
Austin Ekeler- Chargers: $9400 vs. Raiders
Travis Etienne- Jaguars: $6200 at Commanders

D’Andre Swift feels like a steal at $7600. The Lions/Eagles game has the potential to turn into a shoot-out. With the Packers in the post-Davante Adams era, we believe Aaron Jones will be utilized heavily as a runner and a receiver out of the backfield. Jones is a bargain at $7400. The Falcons had one of the worst defenses in the NFL in 2021 and did little to upgrade. The Saints will face little resistance in the opener, and Alvin Kamara should have a field day.


JuJu Smith-Schuster- Chiefs: $6400 at Cardinals
Mike Williams- Chargers: $6600 vs. Raiders
A.J. Brown- Eagles: $7100 at Lions
Terry McLaurin- Commanders: $7000 vs. Jaguars
Tee Higgins- Bengals: $7000 vs. Steelers
Michael Thomas- Saints: $6200 at Falcons
Diontae Johnson- Steelers: $6700 at Bengals
Brandin Cooks- Texans: $6600 vs. Colts
Allen Lazard- Packers: $6500 at Vikings
Elijah Moore- Jets: $6000 vs. Ravens

Do your bargain shopping early before some of these prices skyrocket. JuJu Smith-Schuster enters the season as the presumed #1 receiver in Kansas City. We know how the Chiefs can pile on the points. At $6400, JuJu is a steal. You can say the same for Mike Williams. Williams is the big-play threat for the Chargers, and he should find many opportunities in the opener against a weak Raiders secondary. If you follow camp reports, you know that Jalen Hurts has been targeting A.J. Brown every chance he gets. I believe this tendency will play out in the opener, and Brown has a strong debut for the Philadelphia Eagles.


George Kittle- 49ers: $6100 at Bears
Kyle Pitts- Falcons: $6000 vs. Saints
T.J. Hockenson- Lions: $5700 vs. Eagles
Pat Freiermuth- Steelers: $5300 at Bengals
Austin Hooper- Titans: $4900 vs. Giants

The Bears have been tough against the TE position lately. There is some lingering concern that Roquan Smith, who wants to be traded, will not be on the roster for the opener. George Kittle at $6100 is a roll of the dice that you will want to take. Perhaps no player in FanDuel will see their price rise more rapidly in 2022 than Kyle Pitts. Kyle Pitts at $6000 is an egregious bargain. The Eagles have been horrible against stopping the TE lately. I mentioned earlier that the Eagles/Lions game could be a shoot-out. T.J. Hockenson is a bargain at $5700.


49ers Defense: $5000 at Bears
Saints Defense: $4900 at Falcons
Ravens Defense: $4800 at Jets
Panthers Defense: $4700 vs. Browns
Commanders Defense: $3700 vs. Jaguars

I advise paying up in Week #1 for your defense. The 49ers’ defensive front should dominate a pathetic Bears’ offensive line–Justin Fields is going to be running for his life! The Saints’ defense will make life miserable for Marcus Mariota and the new-look Falcons. Zach Wilson’s availability is questionable at this time. Regardless, the Ravens defense should feast on a Jets offense that is not yet ready for prime time.

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