Manav’s DraftKings’ Tennis Tweener (Day 1 – Acapulco/Sao Paulo) - DFS Karma
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Manav’s DraftKings’ Tennis Tweener (Day 1 – Acapulco/Sao Paulo)

I Bara $5,600

The DK pricing today is awful so this pick is based on that. You have to pick one upset and I’m going with this girl. She is 2 rankings behind her opponent and is the salary relief we need to get up to the studs. She also is more rested than her opponent.


K Boulter $8,200

A 22 year old beast she is. She has been working very hard over they last couple of years working on her serve and now it is finally showing. She has a pretty winnable matchup against a lackluster Perrin who’s is known for choking. She also is 60 rankings ahead of Perrin.


J Millman  $8,300

This is the lock of the slate. GRANOLLERS IS HORRIBLE! Millman recently to Kyrgios to the distance and should be overlooked due to his loss last week. I think this will be done in straight sets and will bring us close to 72 DK Points.


D Vekic $10,100

This is the high priced stud to pay up for. She has been playing really well and now she is against a young opponent with not a lot of tour experience. I like this play a lot more than Steve Johnson who will be popular on a limited slate.


by Manav Mehta


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