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Bobby’s Ball-In GPP Breakdown (3/29/18)

 The plays below in this daily article are low owned pivots and GPP plays.  This means that these players will be RELATIVELY low owned and ‘contrarian’ relative to the more highly owned, chalky plays of the night.  Remember you can access the more “safe”/”cash” plays by visiting > NBA > NBA Premium Articles. I would recommend taking a few of Bens players to build a “core lineup” around and then sprinkle in a few players from my article.  THIS IS HOW YOU WIN TOURNAMENTS!!!!
Point Guard
Top GPP Play: Frank Mason – Mason won me a ton of money a week or two ago so I’m going right back to the well with the rookie PG tonight as he tries to solidify his spot as an NBA PG.
 FADE: Gordan Dragic – Can’t believe this guy was an all-star.  He’s been horrible without Whiteside and since the All-Star break.  Easy fade for me.
 Shooting Guard
Top GPP Play: Bogdon Bogdanovic  – Goold ole’ Bogdan.  He’s got a nice ceiling considering how far his price has come down on Fanduel. I’ll be overexposed.
FADE: Danny Green – The price is way too high for such a low usage player.  I’m not interested what so ever.
Small Forward
Top GPP Play: Rudy Gay – Volatile minutes but the Spurs are going to need him to win these games without Leonard and Aldridge.  Low projected minutes total but I think he gets into the 20’s tonight.  Massive upside for the price. 
Fade: Kelly Oubre – The price is just way too high for me.  5.4k is not something Oubre is going to be able to cover tonight for 5x.  He could end up below 4x with that heightened price.
Power Forward
Top GPP Play: Domantas Sabonis –  LOCKKKK with the minutes increase.  Sees a ton of usage when he’s on the floor. 
Fade: Jabari Parker – Just isn’t seeing the minutes and not playing well enough in the minutes he does play for me to even consider him on this slate.
Top GPP Play: Robin Lopez –  Careful of his minutes but he could go for 10x in this spot.  So cheap and decent matchup if Whiteside (Q) doesn’t play tonight.
Fade: Steven Adams  – Paced down bad matchup.  Really needs to do a lot to pay off his salary and doesn’t provide a ton of upside.
Written By: Robert Viafora
DISCLAIMER: This report has been prepared and issued by AcKarmaSports LLC for publication globally. All information used in the publication of this report has been compiled from publicly available sources that are believed to be reliable, however, we do not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of this report. AcKarmaSports LLC is not responsible for any losses sustained. Opinions contained in this report represent those of the research department at AcKarmaSports LLC at the time of publication.

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