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Hastings College Recap and Weekend Picks

College Football picks


College Football Records

Week 1

5-2-1 (plus 2.5 units)

Week 2 College

2-5 (-3.5 units)

Week 3

2-3-1 (-3 units)


College Overall Record 9-10-2 (-2.5 unit)


NFL (Posted plays at noon Sunday Discord)

21-10 Against Spread for Year

Week 1, 3-1 (+5.4 units)

Week 2, 2-1 (+2.8 units)


  3 unit – Winner – 3 team Teaser

 1 unit – Winner Over 2.5 catches for Seattle RB Carson

 1 unit – loser on Titans


Biggest takes from the week 3 College and week 2 NFL.


  • UCF keeps rolling teams, when will anyone give them some respect and get them in the top 5 in college football. There are plenty of teams that don’t belong there and UCF deserves some respect. Absolutely demolishing teams. ( I do not live in florida and didn’t go to UCF, just like winning money on them).
  • The big story is the injuries to QB in the NFL. Drew Brees out, we now will find out how good Teddy Bridgewater is at QB. Big Ben, done for season. Cam Newton is hurt and not playing well, back up qb will be an upgrade. Sam Darnold goes out sick and back up almost lost his leg on Monday night. The NFL is trying to make the game safer, but the reality is that it is a dangerous sport and people are going to get hurt. If the Safety from the Jets, Adams, continuous to tackle with his head down he will be the next to break his neck, which is very scary.
  • Is San Fran for real? I had them for both the first two weeks. Solid defense, good coach, and now a QB to get the ball to the Tight End Kittle. Great start to the season.
  • Jets are awful, add them to list of teams getting 20 plus points this weekend. At least Arizona is better then expected.
  • Eli Manning is bad, and it is about time the Giants are moving forward
  • I have been crap on the NCAA other than week 1 and awesome in the NFL.


Week 4:

 Wisconsin (-3) – 1 unit (-130) bought the .5 point to get it to -3, -130

 Utah 1H (-2.5) – 1 unit (-115)

 Georgia (-14) – bought the .5 at (-120)

 UCF (-11) – 1 unit (-110) – This show should go on the road. UCF has to play well every week to be considered a top team. This is no different then playing


 UCF 1H (-7) – 1 unit at (-115)

 Texas st . (-3) – 1 unit (-110) – Texas st. will come out and play well this week, Georgia state is struggle and playing back to back road games. Texas st will be ready.


Week 3 Recap. Not great!!!!!!


UCF (-7) (Now -8.5 ) Winner – had this game pegged. No problems

Maryland (– 7 ), Loser – I bit on the fake terps. Problem wasn’t the defense, was the coaching, had the ball 4 times inside teams 10 yard line and scored 2 points. Just bad coaching.

Alabama 1H (-15.5)Loser – kicked a field goal then missed a field goal for the win. Just a brutal loss on first half

Virginia (-7) Push –

Charlotte (-19) Winner – Charlotte rolled

Moneyline Parlay I did:

UCF/MD/Virginia/Wash St. (Friday night game) +200 – Loser, Maryland got me good this week. Had a chance from the 10 yard line with game on line and didn’t move 1 yard towards endzone.


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