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Timmay’s Twitter Breaker 2/1 – MyBookie Parlay (998x ROI)

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Just think….what if YOU hit a 1000x parlay? What a story for all of your friends to hear. Interested? Read further.


Sports betting can be a grind, and most people live by the creed to “live to fight another day”. That’s great and all, but where’s the fun in all of that? Let’s think about this–some of the most fun things about the Super Bowl are the prop bets, right? The long shots, the ones that people never would put money on which hit. That’s where, if you’re not on tilt, playing big parlays for little money or risk can yield ridiculous profits.

And the best thing is you can play multiple team parlays for a very long time without winning one of them, but when you do….it’s a windfall. That’s why we call these types of plays “Twitter Breaker“. When one of these hit, you upload a winning screenshot to Twitter and tag our home account (@DFS_Karma), and we essentially break Twitter.

So let’s look at the games that I have selected today for my “Twitter Breaker“:



You read that right! 1 unit into 1000 units!!!

It’s only one unit…why not give it a try yourself? Do NOT bet more than 2 units max on these types of plays.

Not sure what a “unit” is? Check out Trevis explain it below!

You can get GREAT promos and deposit bonuses on MyBookie. It is truly the best book I’ve ever worked with in over 20 years of sports betting. Click HERE to sign up!



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