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PGA is a niche subject in the field on fantasy sports. Fantasy golf, although well-liked, is not usually covered in depth. Furthermore, DFS Karma puts as much time and effort in perfecting the PGA field of fantasy sports as much as any. Additionally, we follow the players and analyze their every move to give you the coverage you’re looking for. Follow us detail to detail and you’ll be an expert in the field yourself. From tournament scores, comparisons, and statistics, DFS Karma can submerge you in every aspect of the sport. Likewise, we want you to be a part of the golf community – join in on our discussions, ask questions, or even share your own knowledge. We make it easy to unite fans of every level and stance and welcome them to our team. DFS Karma never stops growing and learning in any aspect area of fantasy sports, PGA included. Meanwhile, we continue to find new ways to calculate the outcomes and give you the absolute best details to make your decisions.


Using DFS Karma as your primary golf resource, we will happily supply you with all the data needed to be a part of the game. As part of the DFS Karma PGA community, you will have access to both our statistical information. In addition, we hope hope you will join our chatrooms and have a say in our discussions. We analyze and relay information tournaments, plays; wins and failures. Find out why the game the didn’t go as planned or why it did. Let’s break down the plays piece by piece and make it a science. Lastly, we make comparisons with real golf players and give you a deep insight into their strong and weak points. We also want to help you decide on your favorite golf player, so we write out everything there is to know about each player.