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Frosty’s Week 22 EPL DFS Hat Trick

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Now onto the hat trick:



The starting point for this week is: To Salah, or not to Salah? If you know me, you very well know that I will be rostering Salah $11000. There are some really nice safe builds you can make by fading Salah but I just love Salah and he is in a spot where I would not be surprised if he bags a hat trick.


If you are not going with Salah you probably want to play Sigurdsson $8,500. While I don’t think this is very optimal because I absolutely love his teammate, he has a solid floor and goal upside against Southampton. In GPP’s I don’t mind mix and matching the Chelsea and/or Arsenal forwards.


For value I am currently leaning towards Pascal Groß $4,600. While I don’t love him as a massive underdog, I do believe that he has a chance to give us some nice points and he is key if we want to roster Salah.



Paul Pogba $8,800 is a totally new player since Man U got a new coach. It seems like he has been able to release his real talent and it has been showing. If you are fading Salah he is a MUST.


One of the building blocks for this week is going to be Matt Ritchie $6,600. He gets an awesome match up against Cardiff and he is playing without any of the other set piece takers. Lock.


I don’t see a punt midfielder that I look at and I say woah! He is a lock. The closest to a decent play aaaaaaand if he starts is Bernard for Everton. He is only $3,400 and he could unlock a Salah/Pogba combo…. interesting. Hopefully another value opens up in the morning.



If you are playing on Draftkings, and you are playing cash games PLEAAAAAAAAAASE roster Holebas and Digne (if starting of course). You will be at a massive disadvantage if you decide to fade either of them. Both of them are cash building blocks.


If for some reason you are considering someone other than the previous mentioned, please go back and re-read that sentence. If you still want to play someone else, I guess $5,300 Targett could keep up with Holebas and Digne, but just roster those two.


If you say, you know what Frosty, I am a grown human and I want to fade Holebas and Digne to punt defenders, well you do that. I guess one of Manquillo or Yedlin? Maybe Wan-Bissaka?


I don’t think you can go wrong with either Alisson or David De Gea if you have the money. But if you are in a different situation I guess Pickford could hold it down for your cash teams. Or if you really want to get creative and risky, play either Button $3,700 or Speroni $3,500.

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