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Frosty’s Week 6 DFS EPL Hat Trick

Coming up with the right value plays and the right places to attack the top four big teams will be the key to this slate.

Pictured: Berg Gudmundsson

This is an interesting week with 7 games and 4 big teams in the same slate. We get massive favorites on Manchester City, Tottenham, Manchester United, and Liverpool. Coming up with the right value plays and the right places to attack the top 4 big teams will be the key to this slate.

Now onto the hat trick.


Top: This week we get Salah, Aguero, Kane, and Lukaku. Who do we pick from the four of them? The four of them are in really good spot and I would not be surprised if they all score a goal and if maybe one of them get a hat trick.

As of now, I am leaning towards picking Salah out of these four. Salah has not had the start of the season he wished for but sooner or later he will put up a massive stat. During the week he had a goal called back which indicates to me that the goal is nearby.

He will get a boost if Milner is out.

Mid: At $7,900 Berg Gudmundsson is an amazing play. He will definitely meet value and he always has a solid floor with the goal upside. He doesn’t have the ceiling of the top 4, but he has a similar if not better floor than them.

Value: There is not a lot of value plays at forward that I love right now. I am expecting some really good value options to open up tomorrow, so make sure you tune into our live twitch an hour before lock.

As of now, my favorite value plays are Ayew for $5,800 or Mounie for $4,200.


Top: This is where the slate will be decided. We have Maddison $8,200, Eriksen $8,600, and Fraser $8,400. I really like all three of them. Eriksen gets knocked down a little bit because Trippier should be back in the lineup and take some set pieces.

My favorite play in this range (and of the whole slate) is Maddison. We have been riding him since the first week and we are not stopping this week. He will be the first player in my optimal lineup.

Mid: Elyounouissi $5,900 has been amazing this whole season and he is underpriced because of his match up against Liverpool. He has an amazing floor and I have zero issue playing him this week.

Value: I believe that the optimal build will include at least one value midfielder and there are about 4-5 options that we could consider. However, if Fred is starting, I am locking him in.

For only $3,600 he has been playing really good for our teams. Additionally, fading him in one slate cost me 10k so I am definitely not making that mistake again.


Top: Trippier $6,400. Click on his name and move on. If you want a high priced option not named Trippier, Trent Alexander Arnold for $6,100 (but just find the extra 300 for Trippier).

Mid: Chillwell $5,300 is in an amazing spot. The only reason why I am hesitant to call him a lock is because I don’t want to lock two Leicester players.


How good and valuable are the Huddersfield fullbacks? Lowe had 16 crosses last week and he is only $4,100. I am expecting him to get a lot of crosses and hopefully double digit crosses and he destroys value.


Top: If you are going to pay up for goalkeeper your best bet is Alisson for $5,900. He has been great all season and Liverpool defense is elite. I don’t know how much save upside he could have but he will get the win and possibly the clean sheet.

Mid: It seems like Matt Ryan $4,100 will be the chalk goalkeeper this week. He definitely has the save upside and he could possibly be my optimal goalkeeper.

Value: Second week in a row that Etheridge makes our value section. He is only $3,600 and even 2 points from him will be a bonus. If you want to stack the elite forwards, I would recommend playing Etheridge.


This week I have a CRAZY parlay that I am playing one unit on. I also have couple of variations of that Parlay that should provide safety. If you are playing the crazy parlay I suggest to play the other safer ones as well.


1 Unit
Liverpool (-525)
Leicester City (-162)
Man City (-667)
Tottenham (-135)
Chelsea (-170)
Manchester United -1 (+105)

Straight Bets

4 Units – Manchester United -1 (+105)

4 Units – Tottenham (-135)

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