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DFS Karma brings you the top NFL stories right your fingertips. We stay on the game, adding new articles almost everyday. Our daily NFL articles keep you in the community. Stay up to date with newest events and scores, helping you determine the best players of the times. DFS Karma strives to accumulate the most important details of every game to make you feel as if you were there. In addition to core plays and predictions, we make comparisons with real NFL plays and scores to give a close insight into each player’s strengths and weaknesses. Currently, we are developing new ways to predict and compare players from every end of the nation. With the knowledge of DFS Karma and it’s writers, you can bet in confidence and establish your NFL favorites.


Fantasy football is a growing sensation that allows fans to use their knowledge of the sport both for fun and benefit. As the industry grows, so does the opportunity. Use DFS Karma’s resources to grow knowledge and increase your insight of NFL, fantasy football and all other fields that we offer. We do the research and calculations so you can have the best data available to make your choices with confidence. Finally, your memberships contribute to the growth of the industry and assist us to continue seeking and working for the highest grade services available to assist the fantasy sports community.





NBA news and stories are conveniently brought right to you at DFS Karma. Adding articles and events everyday, we strive to bring the best in NBA coverage. Stay up to date, day after day up to date content. DFS Karma makes you a part of the basketball community. We work to give you knowledge of all scores and tournaments. Using our core data, insight, and algorithms, we help you make choices and determine the best players to bet on. DFS Karma makes it easy to choose your favorite players and make the best predictions of game outcomes. Additionally, we put together comparisons with real NBA players and their scores to give insight into each player’s strengths and weaknesses. We keep coming up with new ways to predict and compare both teams and players. With the knowledge of the DFS Karma team, you can bet confidently and establish your personal NBA favorites.


Fantasy basketball is storming the nation as a fast growing sensation that allows fans to use their knowledge of the sport for both sport or fun and benefit. DFS Karma grows as the industry grows and gives you all the resources needed to enhance your knowledge of NBA and fantasy basketball and in all other fields that we offer. All the research DFS Karma has done for you will take away the stress or uncertainty from your enjoyment in fantasy sports. Make friends with the experts and put yourself in the center of the largest knowledge database here. We do the calculations so you have all the data you need to make smart decisions. Finally, your memberships contribute to the growth of the industry and assist us to continue seeking and working for the highest grade services available to assist the fantasy sports community.



Fantasy Soccer and EPL Insight


DFS Karma lights the way for fantasy soccer. We happily provide you with the tools and knowledge to choose your favorites EPL players and teams. The EPL Core Membership provides you with strategic proprietary Core GPP hedge plays, as well as optimal cash playable core plays. We’ll keep you excited about fantasy soccer with up to date EPL articles and DFS coverage from DraftKings to FanDuel. DFS Karma is proud to be your personal connection to fantasy sports and we take pride in our role. We are glad to help keep you in the community and provide as much news as possible. From overall sports coverage, to in depth player biographies, DFS Karma is your inside man.


Additionally, DFS Karma puts together comparisons with real EPL players and their scores to give insight into each player’s strengths and weaknesses. We keep coming up with new ways to predict and compare both teams and players. Fantasy sports comes easy with our knowledge and recourses. Join the team and gain an advantage.





PGA is a niche subject in the field on fantasy sports. Fantasy golf, although well-liked, is not usually covered in depth. Furthermore, DFS Karma puts as much time and effort in perfecting the PGA field of fantasy sports as much as any. Additionally, we follow the players and analyze their every move to give you the coverage you’re looking for. Follow us detail to detail and you’ll be an expert in the field yourself. From tournament scores, comparisons, and statistics, DFS Karma can submerge you in every aspect of the sport. Likewise, we want you to be a part of the golf community – join in on our discussions, ask questions, or even share your own knowledge. We make it easy to unite fans of every level and stance and welcome them to our team. DFS Karma never stops growing and learning in any aspect area of fantasy sports, PGA included. Meanwhile, we continue to find new ways to calculate the outcomes and give you the absolute best details to make your decisions.


Using DFS Karma as your primary golf resource, we will happily supply you with all the data needed to be a part of the game. As part of the DFS Karma PGA community, you will have access to both our statistical information. In addition, we hope hope you will join our chatrooms and have a say in our discussions. We analyze and relay information tournaments, plays; wins and failures. Find out why the game the didn’t go as planned or why it did. Let’s break down the plays piece by piece and make it a science. Lastly, we make comparisons with real golf players and give you a deep insight into their strong and weak points. We also want to help you decide on your favorite golf player, so we write out everything there is to know about each player.

Hockey (NHL)


While DFS Karma capture the biggest sport events on the field and court, we also cover the ice like no other source can. DFS Karma takes its hockey division seriously, studying every aspect of the players’ actions and putting it into numbers. Joining DFS Karma means you’ll be part of the team, and NHL is part of our research. DFS Karma owns the ice with up to date articles in the biggest news in hockey. We spend ours of every sport with in depth talks about the players’ strengths and weaknesses. Fantasy sports allows sports fanatics to put their knowledge and interest to good use. Share ideas, suggestions, and expectations with the team and hear from us as well. We make it simple to make your betting decisions and put your current knowledge to use. Get access to real NHL players scores and gain insight into their strengths and weaknesses.


Fantasy hockey continues to grow and find it’s place with new fans and fan groups. We predict and compare both hockey teams and players. With the knowledge of the DFS Karma team, you can bet confidently and establish your personal NHL favorites. No other organization puts more thought and concentration on this virtual sport. With professional insight, group talks, and cutting edge analysis, DFS Karma is top level. Let us relieve your fantasy sports decision stress by giving you the clearest insights available. With the largest database in fantasy sports insights, we can ensure you feel comfortable with your predictions. Put yourself in the center of the knowledge and calculations of DFS Karma. Our articles in hockey and all other sports and also kept very up to date. The fantasy hockey fanbase is increasing, and with it, DFS Karma keeps up to date and makes you part of the team.

Baseball (MLB)

Baseball is hugely popular among fantasy sports fans. Fantasy baseball has spread and spread and as it does, we also progress. We are finding new ways to analyze every aspect of MLB, from weather conditions to physical conditions of the ball. Wind effects the projections of the ball, but so can the temperature. Find out more by joining our team. DFS Karma has tons to offer in the field of MLB. For example, our MLB MAX membership too all core plays from both FanDuel and DraftKings. In addition, you also get access to 3 strategic proprietary Core GPP hedge plays. Joining the DFS Karma team means more than just accessing statistical information. It also means that you are part of the team. We constantly have discussions on MLB outcomes and predictions for future games. Stay up to date with MLB news and scores with DFS Karma. We also love to make our members part of the community and get others involved. Share your ideas and predictions and improve with us.



Not unlike other fantasy sports that DFS Karma has mastered the field of mixed martial arts. DFS Karma has compiled the greatest MMA fight analysts. We cover everything from the greatest events in UFC history, to minor clues of future outcomes. Everyday the odds change and fighters rise and fall. Stay up to date and join MMA professionals community. Joining the MVP membership will give you access to all our resources and chatrooms to discuss all bouts in the octagon. Knockouts can seem unpredictable and submissions uncertain, but the signs are there. It might be a fighter’s hasted weight cut or recent change in weight class that give away the outcome.


DFS Karma will you all the data available to place your bets with confidence. We also help you choose your favorites. The ferocity of fighters like Dos Santos, or the precision of Frankie Edgar can be the winning factor. Each fighting art has it’s specialties. The hard hitting knees and elbows of Muay Thai or the long range kicks of Karate may pair differently against wrestlers or Jiu-jitsu grapplers. It never hurts to learn more, and DFS Karma puts you in the center of knowledge. MMA is a still growing sport, and the beauty of mixed martial arts is that new techniques are still being developed. Martial artists are still bringing new styles to the MMA game and changing the trends.


DFS Karma continues to blow the competition away, mastering one field of Fantasy Sports after another. Nascar is another growing fantasy sport and fans are looking for more and more resources. DFS Karma is famous for master the predictive data needed for making confident bets. Stay with us as we measure after bit of data evolving around drivers and their cars. If you don’t have a favorite driver already, you’ll have your pick before you know it. Each driver has his/her strengths and weaknesses. If you want to be a part fantasy nascar, become part of the community here at DFS Karma and let us share our secrets with you.

From predictive analytics, past and present performance stats, and car specs, DFS Karma takes the lead in Fantasy Nascar. We are always discovering new ways to consider the winners. We supply our members with core live plays tables that are constantly updating for your convenience. Don’t agree with the stats or see something missing? Get in on the action with our Discord group chats. Give your opinion, ask questions, or just feel part of our fantasy sports family.