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IEM Dallas 2022 – CSGO Analysis 5/31

This article was posted on behalf of LilWattsRyda, our resident CSGO expert

Well what an interesting day we had yesterday. The cash core did well and I had a gut feeling my boy Twistzz would ball out. The GPP was average. Today, we have a B03 gonna be an interesting one to me. It’s a 3 game slate. (Contest @ 9am/12pm est)

NIP vs Complexity

First up we have NIP vs Complexity. This one should be an easy one for NIP. Even they lost to BIG in the B01. Complexity is still ass to me. Even though NIP have ztr as a stand in due to hampus being sick. Either way I feel like Rez Brollan and Plopski should be able to handle this team.

Rez, NIP – I like Rez in this matchup even though the price is a little bit high to me he should do well against Complexity. Just gotta work on the team play with ztr.

Brollan, NIP– Now Brollan is a player I like on this NIP team. He actually feels comfortable on this team, with the role he’s playing in he should dominate tomorrow. I use to think he was trash but not anymore.

Plopski, NIP– Plopski is not a bad pick to me. He is a good player on NIP, I just feel like he needs to work on his mechanics a bit more and he’ll be nice asset to the team.

Team Liquid vs Imperial

Team Liquid didn’t look to well in the B01 against C9. They got out played by by C9 and couldn’t handle there rotations. Now there in the lower brackets going against Imperial. Imperial lost to Furia who were the better team and now the go against Imperial. Imperial has bested Team Liquid before and I would be surprised if they do but it could go either way.

NAF, Liquid– Don’t get me wrong NAF is not a bad player just need to find is footing with this team. He should be able to handle this team with Elige. Just need him not to fumble the ball against Imperial.

Elige, Liquid – The price on Elige is not bad, I just need the real Elige to show up in this tournament. He’s not a bad player just feel like he got to a bad start in the BO1 against C9. He should bounce back .

Osee, Liquid– Same thing goes for Osee. He’s a good player just had a bad day against C9. He should bounce back against Imperial. If not it’s gonna be a long day for him in the office.

Fallen, Imperial– Fallen is a good player could bests liquid in this BO3. This match might go to a third map today.


BIG looked good in the BO1 they handle NIP like predicted. Now they gotta fight against MIBR who is also a good team I just feel like BIG is better than MIBR don’t let those rating fool you.

SyrsoN, BIG– I’m always gonna love SyrsoN he’s such a good player to watch on BIG I feel like he got this today even though his price is high to me it’s worth it.

Krimbo, BIG– This youngster has a future on this team. He is good and will have time to make his game better. When cleans all that up he’ll be a good addition to this team. The price isn’t bad wish he was a bit cheap though.

I’ll have my cores up before in the premium chat.

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