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Republeague – CSGO Analysis for 5/23/22

This article was posted on behalf of LilWattsRyda, our resident CSGO expert

SKADE VS Budapest 5

Ence has been looking good lately on LAN. They won their BO3 against Heroic to get into the playoffs and I feel like they’re the dark horse of this tournament. On the Copenhagen Flames side, they’re good as well but there be times I’ve watched them play well and then the next day, play like straight garbage. I’m favoring Ence in this match and I see a 3rd map with these two teams.

First match we have SKADE vs Budapest Five. IMO I feel like SKADE is better than Budapest Five. They been on a 5 game win streak and it should continue. I’ll be honest I have never watch Budapest Five play and I can’t say they weak until I watch them play they might give them a fight to the third map.

Dennyslaw, SKADE (DK: $7,200): Denny is at a nice price and I love it. He’s a good Awper just needs to work on getting better on his head shots with the AWP. But he can rack up some kills with the rifle tho. I will have max exposure to him.

dreamer, SKADE (DK: $8,000): It’s not a bad price it does fit him. He is a good player to watch he’s came a long way after leaving Fiend. He has developed into a fragger now since the team disbanded. I will have exposure to him in my lineups.

Shipz, SKADE (DK: $9,800): I mean I know he’s good but the price is a bit steep to me. Just like his counterpart dreamer he was apart of Fiend and ever since he left he’s developed well into a good rifler. Just the price is high to me I will have min exposure to him in my lineups.

Bubble , SKADE (DK: $6,400): Don’t let the name fool you bubble has his good moments. Since joining SKADE his a comfortable role to be in on this team. I don’t like how hltv has him rated I feel like he should be at 1.00 now instead of .90. I will have some exposure to him in my lineups

Apeks vs Hellslayers

Nawwk, Apeks (DK: $9,000): Nawwk has been turned in a stud to me on this team. I will have this man in my lineup spread out.

Chawzyyy, Apeks (DK: $5,600): I can’t say much on Chawzyyy he has is good and bad moments on this team. Yeah just hope he play was tomorrow he goes up against JW and Flusha. I will have some exposure to him in my lineups.

Jkaem, Apeks (DK: $8,200): A little bit high to me IMO. I like Jkaem but he should be a little cheaper I will have some exposure to this man in my lineups.

Styko, Apeks (DK: $7,400): Not a bad a play IMO he has been improving to me. I just need him be consistent like in last match up.

Flusha, HellSlayers (DK: $5,200): Flusha is back and will be comeback into form. It’s been a while since we’ve seen Flusha play and he was good. Now your back with your buddy JW. Can you show everyone that your still good we will see tomorrow.

I will be posting my cores in the premium chat here.

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