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Pinnacle Cup IV – CSGO 5/26/22

This article was posted on behalf of LilWattsRyda, our resident CSGO expert

Well, there were a couple of players in my last article and they ate, so let’s do it again. 5/26 has a 3 game slate (Start time 6am EST) it’s gonna be a fun and interesting one. Let’s breakdown theses matches for tomorrow.

Skade vs Enteral Fire

I feel like this is gonna be a fight to the third map. Both of theses teams are good and don’t know why Eternal Fire is favored to win 81% according to HLTV. I’ll be honest Skade has a better map pool, plus they been looking good in the pinnacle tournament. I just need them to keep this consistency. But we all have seen some weird stuff happen in csgo. It’s a 50/50 IMO.

Dennyslaw, SKADE (DK: 7,600) I been loving how the way Denny with the henny been balling. He’s been so consistent. I’m riding this train until the wheels fall of lol. Will have max exposure to him again in my lineups.

dreamer, SKADE (DK: 6,600) Sweet Jesus your the same price wtf. I thought they would give you at least a price bump. They said nope to that lol. I’ll have exposure to him in my lineups for this price.

Shipz, Skade (Dk:9,800) This man cost damn near cost a arm and leg but he is good. I wish Shipz would find a way to come out and be that firepower I know he is. It’s always the first map, he starts cold a bit then gets hot on the second map. I’ll have some exposure to him in my lineups.

Xantares, Enteral Fire (Dk:8,200) I’m not gonna lie I think Xantares is gonna put up a fight against Skade. He might get the win tomorrow. It’s really 50/50 like I said. I’ll give him min exposure to some of the lineups I’ll make.

ECSTATIC vs Bad News Eagles

Someone gotta win this match.

FASHR, ECSTATIC (DK: 8,000k) This man has been balling in the pinnacle no lie. ECSTATIC are good to me, but they just have their moments on their map picks. He’s not a bad play IMO. I’ll have max exposure to him in my lineups I just need him to keep this consistency going.

Xellow, ECSTATIC (DK: 7,000) I do like the price on Xellow and he is a baller. He just needs to keep that good consistency going. I’ll have some exposure to this man in my lineups.

Birdfromsky, ECSTATIC (DK:4,200) I’ll be honest I hate mr birdfromshit sometimes lol. He killed my first lineup against Enterprise. Then decides to ball out against Apeks. I can’t make this sh-t up. I’ll have min exposure to him in my lineups .

Movistar Riders vs Isurus

The last slate between Movistar Riders vs Isurus is head scratcher to me idk whose gonna win tbh. This one can both ways to me. I’ve seen how Movistar riders play and man they be having their moments. I never seen how Isurus played. Looking at there last match they had to go into OT against K23 sheesh. It might be another OT match on this slate.

Deco, Isurus (DK: 6,800) Sweet Jesus this man is cheap I wish I would have watch him last match but damn. This man had 20 assists can he pull that again. I hope so I have him in some of my lineups just in case it’s an OT match.

Alle, Isurus (Dk: 4,600) I have no clue why Dk gave him this price. It’s literally tempting play for me. I’ll have some exposure to him a few lineup on the side.

SunPayus, Movistar Riders (DK: 9,400) Dk should have made his price cheaper to me. He does have inconsistent moments. He might have a decent game tomorrow. I have min exposure to min in my lineups.

Mopoz, Movistar Riders (Dk: 7,400) I be honest Mopoz is sometimes a hit and miss for me when he plays. I do like price on him but I’m just worried about him playing like sh-t. I’ll have him min exposure to him.

I’ll have my cores in the premium chat today before I go to bed and remember lock is @6am EST and we’ll have a hour to wait until that match starts. If you have any questions about any other player I’m happy to answer your questions.

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