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PGL Major Antwerp – CSGO Showdown 5/22/22

This article was posted on behalf of LilWattsRyda, our resident CSGO expert

NaVi vs FaZe

Favorite plays

Big Daddy S1mple, NAVI (DK: $11,600): This man is back in form and is taking charge as the fragger top on the team and I’m loving. I need this performance to keep on against Faze tomorrow. Had a rating of 1.76 yesterday. Tomorrow you play against FAZE feel like your gonna pop off and bring some revenge in as well after Faze bested y’all in ESL League. I will have max exposure to him in my lineups.

B1T aka Baby S1mple, NAVI ( DK: $10,800): He had a bit of a trouble in the office yesterday but he performed well yesterday. I just need him to be a bit more smarter about his aggressive tactic he’ll get it down soon. Had a rating of 1.14 yesterday. The question is for tomorrow is can B1T stay outta trouble in the office I feel like it. I will have a some exposure to him.

ElectroNic, NAVI (DK: $9,400): Just like his teammate B1T he had some trouble in the office yesterday as well. But still performed well yesterday. Had a rating of 1.08 yesterday. I feel like your pop off against FAZE tomorrow for some payback after the the L they gave y’all in ESL League. I will have exposure to him in my lineups.

Perfecto aka Mr. Clutch, NAVI ( DK: $8,200): He had a nice game yesterday against Ence. Had a rating of 1.14 not bad. I feel like your be in the support role tomorrow against Faze. If so just S1mple and be his diversion will he gets all the frags. Its a Decent pick. I will have min exposure in my lineups.

Can FAZE best NAVI again? We’ll just have to wait and see.

Broky, FAZE (DK: $9,800): I’ll be honest this team has came a long ways plus this man Broky. Had a rating of 1.00 Jesus. Don’t get me wrong he is good and they did Sweep Spirit yesterday. For tomorrow idk what we’ll get from him. I know you best NAVI before but the question is can you do it again. I’ll have some exposure to him some of my lineups.

Twistzz, FAZE (DK: $7,600): Hmm it’s not a bad price for him. I do like Twistzz he is good on Faze and tbh he’s blossomed since he left TL. He’s much more comfortable on this team with the space they give him. Had a 1.12 yesterday against Spirit yesterday and swept them. This man did Value pick in my eyes, I will have exposure to him in my lineups.

Rain, FAZE (DK: $8,600): The IGL of FAZE has been balling lately in this tournament no lie. Literally the top fragger on the team. Had a rating of 1.33 against Spirit yesterday with the sweep. My question is can you keep this performance up against NAVI tomorrow will have some exposure in my lineups

Ropz, FAZE (DK: $10:400): All I can say is damn to this price. I don’t if I want to put up just for this player. I mean don’t get me wrong he’s good it’s just bit to high to me. Even though I know he did play well against NAVI the last time they met. This man had a rating of 1.11 against Spirit yesterday. I will have min exposure to him.

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