IEM DALLAS – CSGO 5/30/22 - DFS Karma
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This article was posted on behalf of LilWattsRyda, our resident CSGO expert

G2 vs Movistar Riders

G2 looked great at Antwerp, but can it translate over to IEM? They still need to work on some mechanics like rotations, but the opportunity is there. Movistar Riders are good, but to me G2 is better and should easily win here.

Favorite Plays 

Niko- I love the way Niko has been playing lately literally the top fragger on this team. After watching him in the Antwerp tournament… This should be an easy one for him and his cousin Hunter on Monday.

Hunter- Not gonna lie hunter is good. I love the way him and his cousin Niko play together.

M0NSEY- This kid is amazing to me, I thought S1mple was quick with the wrist flick. Shoot, he’s proved me wrong plus he only 17 years old. This boy is gonna be dangerous in the future I promise you this.

Mouz vs Ence

This match gonna be an interesting one. No Spinx for IEM due to a visa issue — Snax is his replacement but that is a big loss. Mouz might actually win this.

Favorite Plays

Torzi- The price is not bad on him feel like he couple be a little cheaper. He’s good a young player this still has time to develop. I feel like he should a have good game against Ence.

Frozen- I’ll be honest I like frozen even though his price is high. He’s always gonna be a good player to me. I can see him doing well in this matchup against ENCE.

JDC- JDC is a young up and coming player I like. Watch him on Mouz Next his a good young player just need to polish up so of his mechanics and he’ll be nice rifler for this team.

FaZe vs Looking Org

This one is an easy, Faze about to whoop them like they stole they there money from them! Faze has been looking great there currently ranked #1 and this team is comfortable playing with each other and I like that. Everyone got each other’s back and I feel like this might be the start of the Faze era.

Favorite Plays 

Broky- I know broky is good but Jesus this is a high price tag for real. Faze are gonna beat them but for broky at this price…I’ll have some shares of him in a couple lineups.

Twistzz- I love this price on this Twistzz. Plus I love the way that he’s comfortably on this team. He can play the role he wants to on with this team and they trust him will have max exposure to him.

Rain- I love the way Rain has been playing lately on this team. The IGL has been balling lately due to how comfortable this team can play together. He should have a field day against this team.

Astrilas vs Vitality

Astrilas isn’t bad, they just have issues with team play like there rotations and timing. If they can clean that up they can handle there opponents. Plus they won’t have their coach trace in this tournament. I won’t be going all in all Astrilas except for probably like one player.

Favorite Plays

ZywOo- ZywOo is always gonna be ZywOo and that’s good. I like him in this matchup against Astrilas. He should get a 20 digit kill. I mean this man is deadly.

Magisk- Not a bad price to me plus it’s a BO1. He should good in this matchup against his old team. If he gets 20 kills I’ll take it.

Dupreeh- Can’t believe this man is this cheap seems a bit disrespectful to me. I know the firepower that Dupreeh brings to this team. Just need him to show up and bring it.


I love this matchup. I feel like BIG win this one even though NIP are pesky plus no hampus. Ztr will be filling in for him and I feel that effect NIP gameplay. Big should take advantage of this and go to the upper bracket final.

Favorite Plays 

Syrson- Syrson is always gonna be good to me. I love the way he plays with team. This should be a easy for him due to Ztr filling in for hampus.

Tabsen- I see nothing wrong with picking up tabsen on this slate. He’s still a good player he can handle his own. Plus to me he looks better with Krimbo and Faven on the team now. I have my shares of him in a couple lineups.

Faven- I feel like he’s to cheap to me on here. I will be taking him in my lineups cause I know he’s a good player. To me he looks like he finding his form with BIG. He has his slump moments. But I feel like he’ll have a positive game.

Krimbo- He’s starting to find his way on team. In certain tournaments I seen him play he looked really good and comfortable playing with Syrson and Tabsen I hope this continues.

MIBR vs Complexity

Due to Covid issues, Heroic had to withdraw from this tournament. Now MIBR will be going against Complexity. I feel MIBR is the better team here. I’m not gonna lie this Brazilian team has firepower and can the job done against Complexity.

Favorite Plays 

Chelo- I feel like this price is a bit high on him. He’s not a bad player just feel like this price is high on him. I will have him in few lineups on the side.

Exit- The price ain’t bad on exit to me. He’s a good player just need MIBR get more practice to solidify there team work. He should put good numbers against Complexity.

Turtle- Cheap but he has his moments in matches. He’s a good player don’t get me wrong he just needs to work on his mechanics and he’ll be good.

I will have my cores posted in the morning before lock.

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